G - Personnel


GA - Personnel Policy Goals



File GA


The Board recognizes that a dynamic and efficient staff dedicated to education is necessary to maintain a constantly improving educational program. It is interested in its personnel as individuals, and wishes to promote the general welfare of all staff members, through policy that it considers fair, progressive, and beneficial to the educational system of the School Division.

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GAA - Personnel Policy Objectives


File GAA


Through its personnel policies, the Board will attempt to establish a school environment that will attract and maintain the best qualified persons. Their mission will be to provide and support the best learning opportunities for the students of the Portage la Prairie School Division. The objectives on which these policies will be based are:

  1. to recruit, select, and employ the most appropriately qualified and effective personnel to staff the school system, within budgetary constraints;
  2. to deploy the available personnel and ensure that they are utilized as effectively as possible to promote optional student learning;
  3. to conduct an employee appraisal program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff performance;
  4. to maintain current job descriptions for all positions in the School Division;
  5. to provide appropriate development opportunities for all employees, which will improve their performance and rates of retention;
  6. to administer contracts, collective bargaining agreements and personnel policies covering employees of the Division as effectively as possible;
  7. to provide a team approach to education, including staff involvement in planning and decision-making;
  8. to develop and maintain the quality of human relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and a high level of job satisfaction.

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GAB - Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks


File GAB



The Portage la Prairie School Division is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for students and staff. To this end, the Division requires prospective employees to consent to a Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry check as a condition of employment. Checks may be required of those volunteering to work in schools. Checks may also be required of those employed or volunteering in the Division prior to the date of the institution of this policy, where circumstances warrant. This will be done at the discretion of the Principal. Further discretionary authority, as identified within the policy, lies with Senior Administration and the Board.

The Division shall apply the provisions of this policy to employees of the Division, to individuals providing contracted service to students or staff, and to volunteers working under limited supervision with students.

The existence of such records does not automatically exclude an individual from consideration for employment or a volunteer position, or terminate employment. However, in the event that the criminal record and/or child abuse registry exists, the Division reserves the right to deny and/or terminate the employment and/or association of the individual with the Division.

The Division may require agencies, organizations, and businesses to confirm acceptable screening procedures for criminal and child abuse records as a condition of the placement of students, where no direct and continuous supervision by a divisional representative is in place.

Change in Status

Any employee experiencing a change in status with respect to his/her Criminal Record and/or Child Abuse Registry information, or investigated or charged with a criminal offense under any federal or provincial legislation, is expected and required to report same to his/her immediate supervisor or the Senior Administration immediately. The employee shall have the right to meet with the Superintendent in person.

PSA 41(1) (t)

Administrative Procedures

All applicants for employment shall complete the application forms for Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry checks, and acknowledge this as a condition of employment. The forms for Criminal record checks are available at R.C.M.P. offices. Child Abuse Registry check forms are available at the Board Office.

The requirement for such checks for an individual who:

  1. is being re-employed by the Division;
  2. is on a fee for service arrangement; or
  3. is volunteering,

will be at the discretion of the appropriate Senior Administrator. As a general practice, the following will apply:

  1. If the checks were not previously done, the individual will be required to agree to the checks as a condition of employment.
  2. An individual re-employed on a term, substitute, or casual basis from one year to another, when there is deemed to be no break in employment, may not be required to agree to the checks on an annual basis. However, the letter of employment offer will require disclosure of this information at the discretion of the Division, and at any time while the individual is in the employ of the Division, as a condition of that employment.
  3. Where an individual who is employed within six (6) months of any previous employment wherein checks had been done, further checks will not be done.
  4. Individuals working on a fee for service or volunteer basis with students, and not under the continual direct supervision of a professional employee of the Division, may be required to agree to the checks prior to beginning their work.
  5. Parents and other volunteers who work under the continual direct supervision of professional employees of the Division will not undergo the checks unless the situation demands a higher degree of assurance.

Statement to include on all advertisements and vacant position descriptions

"A condition of employment with Portage la Prairie School Division is agreement by the applicant to disclose criminal record and Manitoba Provincial Abuse Registry information to the Division."

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GB - Equal Opportunity Employment


File GB


No person shall be denied employment, re-employment or advancement, nor shall be evaluated on the basis of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, creed or national origin. Age shall be considered only with respect to minimums set by law and retirement as specified by the Province of Manitoba or collective agreements between employee groups and the Board.

Applicants shall be selected for positions on the basis of qualifications, merit, and ability.

(Canadian Human Rights Act)

(The Human Rights Code of Manitoba)

See also AD

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GBA - Staff Dress Code


File GBA


The Portage la Prairie School Division recognizes that staff members are role models for the students who come in contact with them in school activities and programs during and after school hours. The Board recognizes the positive effect staff members can have on their students. Staff members are expected to dress and groom themselves in a manner appropriate to the educational environment.

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GBB - Staff Participation in Political Activities


File GBB


The Public Schools Act guarantees the rights of employees to seek nomination or to be a candidate for public office, or support a candidate or political party in a municipal, provincial or federal general election or by-election, and, if elected, to serve in that office. The legislation further makes provision for appropriate leaves of absence. [PSA 48.1(1)-(4)]

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GBC - Staff and Political Influences


File GBC


The Board expects each staff member to be politically non-partisan in the classroom and at other school activities. See also KGE

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GBD - Staff-Student Relations


File GBD


Students and staff members are expected to give each other the respect and courtesy required by the members of any group of people who are required to work together.

See also JE, AE, AF, JG, EPD

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GBE - Staff Personal Difficulties Assistance


File GBE


The Board believes that most human difficulties can be dealt with successfully provided they are identified during the early stages and referral is made to a helping resource.  The Board therefore promotes an attitude of assistance and support towards solving human personal problems encountered by employees, such as alcohol, cannabis or other drugs misuse, physical or mental problems, or other concerns which may affect job performance.

The Board intends that this policy will encourage staff to take early advantage of the resources available on a voluntary basis.  However, the Board’s first commitment is to the education and well-being of the students in the Division and therefore when performance is adversely affected, mandatory referral will be the alternative to dismissal.

Notwithstanding the intent of the foregoing policy statement, the Board reserves the right to give precedence to policies and procedures intended to cover the suspension or dismissal of staff in emergency situations.

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File GBE-R


Having found impaired work performance which has continued unimproved after being adequately brought to the employee’s attention under normal circumstances, the supervisor must then follow the outlined procedures.

The Three Interview Procedure will be utilized when the work standard of an employee consistently falls below an acceptable level.


“Supervisor” means either a Principal or a member of the Superintendent’s/Secretary-Treasurer’s Department.

Interview No. 1:  Informal

When warranted by unsatisfactory work performance, job attendance, or both, the supervisor conducts a corrective interview.  The attendance of a representative for the employee at this meeting will be at the discretion of the supervisor.

This interview serves to establish the fact that the supervisor is aware of deteriorating job performance and expects the employee to resolve any problems that may be affecting ability to perform assigned duties at an acceptable standard.

The supervisor should offer suggestions as to how job performance can be improved.  These suggestions, however, must be restricted to the job and how it is performed.  The data on the employee should contain all relevant information describing the symptoms of the problems.

Alcohol, cannabis and other forms of drug misuse may lead to an addiction-related illness and should be treated as such, and that the sick leave benefits now available to employees should apply.  It should be noted that such employees may be eligible for Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits.

In addition, a time limit should be agreed upon by both parties for improving job performance.

A report of this meeting shall be placed in the file of the employee.

Interview No. 2:  Formal

This interview will be conducted by the supervisor and both the supervisor and the employee are entitled to representation at the meeting.  All pertinent documentation should be available for inspection.

The supervisor should carefully outline the problem areas with the employee.  Care should be taken to ensure that there is not cause for misinterpretation of the documentation by any of the parties.

The deteriorating work performance should be reviewed again with the employee and discussed.  At this point, the employee, who may admit to a personal problem, should be encouraged to seek the assistance of a helping resource.

It should also be indicated at this time that, failing any improvement in performance, a mandatory referral will be made.  (Interview 3)

A report of this meeting shall be placed in the file of the employee.

Interview No. 3:  Mandatory Referral (as an option to dismissal)

In addition to those previously involved in the meetings, it is mandatory that the Superintendent/Secretary-Treasurer, if not previously involved, become participants in the discussion at this time.  The first two interviews should be reviewed and all areas of poor job performance openly discussed.

It should be explained that previous interviews have not produced desired results and it is now necessary that corrective action be implemented.  The employee should be advised that an appointment has been made with the helping resource (e.g.  A previously identified Doctor, AFM, etc.) and that it is mandatory that the employee not only keep this appointment but follow any course of action or treatment that may be recommended.  Failure to do so will be grounds for disciplinary action.  The Board shall be advised by the helping resource of the course of action or treatment to be followed by the employee and shall receive periodic progress reports.  The Board shall also be advised by the helping resource when the treatment has been completed. 

When, at any stage of the drug misuse program, an employee has resolved a drug misuse problem to the satisfaction of the Division, a statement to this effect shall be placed in the employee’s file.  The employee shall also receive a copy of the statement.

Failure to admit to a problem at Interview No. 3 should then revert the employee to a regular policy of dismissal for failure to perform the job.  [Employment Standards Code, Section 62(h)]

NOTE:  Disciplinary action in the case of an individual who refused to see the resource person(s) or who refused to follow any course of action or treatment recommended will be an automatic three (3) - week suspension without pay, where applicable.

If at any time during the suspension, the employee requests assistance, the employer will provide it in the way of referral and at the same time lift the suspension.

Upon the employee’s returning to work after the suspension, it must be made clear to him/her that failing any consistent improvement in job performance over a specified period of time, his/her services will be terminated.

See also:  MTS Agreement - Article 20
      CUPE Agreement - Article 28

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GBF - Staff Complaints and Grievances


File GBF


All employees shall be given the opportunity to express their concerns and suggestions to the School Board through appropriate channels. For example: Principal or immediate supervisor, the Senior Administrative staff, appropriate Board committee, the School Board. (See Organizational Chart - File CB)

Staff members are encouraged to present their complaints and requests to their immediate supervisor in person; however, such statements will also be accepted if presented in writing.

See also KF to KFB

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GBG - Conflict of Interest - Employees


File GBG


All personnel in the employ of the Division shall exercise the greatest care that neither their influence with their pupils, nor their position on staff, be used for personal advantage or the promotion of any commercial or partisan interest of any person, business, or institution.

Commercial Interests

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no employee of the Division shall:

  1. engage in, or have a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any activity that conflicts or raises a question of conflict, with his/her duties or responsibilities;
  2. act as an agent for any person in the sale, or the promoting of selling, of any item for use in the Division;
  3. receive any remuneration or other compensation for any sale to the Division;
  4. exercise any influence over any purchase made by the Division, which would result in a personal benefit being received.

In the event that any employee or a member of his/her family owns, or has a significant interest in, a company that completes business transactions with the Division, that employee shall complete a declaration to so indicate. This declaration shall include:

  1. the name of the company;
  2. the business address;
  3. the officers of the company.

This declaration shall be forwarded to the Secretary-Treasurer’s Department with the commencement of employment with the Division or earliest applicable date.

Employment and Supervision of Immediate Relatives

For the purpose of this policy an immediate relative is defined as father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, spouse (including common-law).

No employee of the Division shall:

  1. be involved in any aspect of the employment process when any of the applicants are members of the employee’s immediate family;
  2. exercise any influence over anyone which would result in the hiring of an immediate relative.

When an applicant who has an immediate family member in the employ of the Division is being considered for employment, a number of factors shall be considered when determining whether the applicant’s family or marital status may exclude or limit the employment possibilities of the individual.

They include:

  1. whether the nature of the reporting relationship between the immediate supervisor and the potential employee will be one where the supervisor has decision-making powers over such aspects of the vacant position as performance evaluation, salary, promotion, conditions of work, termination, and other similar employment matters;
  2. whether there is potential for certain detrimental outcomes for the employer, such as collusion, favoritism, breach of confidentiality and conflict of interest;
  3. the extent to which it is feasible for the employer to involve non-family members in the decision-making authority or to transfer the decision-making authority to a non-family member.

When the situation arises where an employee falls under the supervision of an immediate family member, the Superintendent’s and Secretary-Treasurer’s department shall take the necessary action and attempt to have the supervised employee assigned to another acceptable position, or to have a different person supervise this immediate family member. (PSA 37)

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GBH - Employees Discipline-Designated Agents of the Board


File GBH


The Board of Trustees delegates to staff members employed in the positions listed below the authority to act as agents of the Board in taking disciplinary action with employees. Such disciplinary action may involve: oral warnings or reprimands, written warning or reprimands, suspension with or without pay. Individual circumstances will determine the disciplinary action to be taken, and the appropriate position to administer same.

Suspensions of employees shall be reported to the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of the Board and at the earliest opportunity, to the Board of Trustees for information purpose in confidence at its next meeting.

Superintendent of Schools/Secretary-Treasurer
Assistant Superintendent
Student Services Coordinator
Hutterian Schools Supervisor
Manager of Business and Finance
Supervisor of Operations
Assistant Supervisor of Operations

See also: M.T.S. Agreement - Article 28

C.U.P.E. Agreement - Article 20

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GBI - Job Sharing


File GBI



The Portage la Prairie School Division recognizes that in certain situations the concept of job sharing may be an acceptable staffing alternative. Consideration will be given to job sharing proposals submitted by the Principal and Teachers concerned in accordance with the following guidelines and conditions.

Guidelines and Conditions of Job Sharing

  1. Job sharing means that two Teachers share one full-time teaching position, with the percentage of time assigned to each participant stated in the job sharing proposal.
  2. Job sharing proposals, once approved, shall be in effect until written notice is submitted by the Principal, Teachers, or Superintendent to alter such arrangements. The School Division reserves the right to cancel a job sharing position at the close of a term, or whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the students or the School Division.
  3. All job sharing proposals are to be jointly developed and supported by the Principal and Teachers concerned. The Principal will forward completed proposals to the Superintendent’s department by March 30 of the preceding school year.
  4. Submitted proposals must include precise statements concerning:
  1. the prior relationship of the partners
  2. the division of tasks between the partners
  3. time scheduling
  4. provisions for communication between partners
  5. provisions for communication between the partners and the rest of the staff
  6. benefits to pupils
  7. benefits to the school system
  8. benefits to the partners
  1. Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
  1. advantages and disadvantages to students
  2. advantages and disadvantages to the school system
  3. advantages and disadvantages to the Teachers involved
  4. estimated probability of success
  5. other administrative concerns
  1. Job sharers are responsible for all regular duties normally performed by Teachers, including:
  1. planning instruction
  2. evaluating student progress
  3. attendance at staff meetings
  4. attending all required P.D. activities and in-service days as would any part-time Teacher
  5. attendance at parent conferences
  1. Job sharing Teachers will be expected to participate in their fair share of all school activities in which a Teacher would normally participate. Extra-curricular assignments will be proportionate to the Teacher’s workload.
  2. Benefits while on a job sharing assignment will be in accordance with those granted to part-time Teachers.
  • If one of the job sharers must leave his/her position during the course of the year, and if a suitable part-time replacement cannot be found, the remaining job sharer shall assume the complete duties of that position for the remainder of that year or until a suitable replacement can be found.
  • If lay-offs become necessary, personnel assigned to job sharing will be subject to lay-off in accordance with the same rules as apply to Teachers in full-time assignments.
  • Personnel who wish to return to full-time teaching at the beginning of the fall term must notify the Superintendent’s Department in writing by March 1.
  • The School Division does not guarantee a full-time position to Teachers who are leaving a job-sharing position.
  • When a job-sharer substitutes for a partner, the Teacher who substitutes will receive the Substitute Teacher rate of pay unless alternate arrangements have been made between the partners.
  • A job sharer must make application on the prescribed form for all absences from his/her teaching duties.
  • All policies and clauses of the Collective Agreement apply to Job Sharing partners as they would any part-time Teacher.
  • Job sharing is a unique arrangement, largely dependent upon the compatibility of the people involved and the specific requirements of each assignment. As such, there may be variations in the expectations and conditions attached to each assignment.

    Job Sharing Agreement

    Each person entering into a job sharing position shall sign the Job Sharing Agreement stating that they accept these guidelines and conditions, as well as the terms as outlined in the approved proposal for same. (GBI-E)

    Article 22 - M.T.S. Agreement

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    GBI-E Job Sharing Agreement.pdf

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    GBI-E - Job Sharing Agreement


    File GBI-E


    Name: _______________________________________

    Position: _____________________________________

    Job sharing partner’s name: _________________________________________________

    I have read, understand and agree to the guidelines and conditions as set forth in policy GBI, and the terms as outlined in the approved proposal for same.

    Signature: ____________________________________

    Date: ________________________________________

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    GBJ - Workers Working Alone


    File GBJ


    The objective of the policy is to minimize the risks that may be associated with work situations for employees who work alone, while also minimizing any disruption to the worker’s job responsibilities.

    The following requirements are applicable:

    1. No hazardous work will be conducted unless personnel are available to assist. e.g. high ladder work, scaffold work or working with hazardous equipment.
    2. In situations where work is conducted in isolation, the employee will make contact on a scheduled basis with a designated contact person. Procedures are to be established for follow-up in the event there is failure to communicate as scheduled.
    3. Buildings occupied by limited staff during "off" hours are to be secured to prevent unauthorized entry.
    4. The Principal/Supervisor shall be responsible for the initiation of the above procedures at each building. (M.R.108/88)

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    GBK - Medical Examinations


    File GBK


    1. Medical examinations are required by the School Division as follows:

      1. As a condition of employment for all positions, including temporary assignments. The cost of such medical examinations is the responsibility of the applicant.

      2. For any staff members whose medical/physical fitness to perform his/her responsibilities is in question.

      3. Prior to return to work for staff who have been absent for extended periods due to medical problems.

    2. Current employees shall be reimbursed for the cost of a medical examination requested by the Portage la Prairie School Division. Employees wishing to have the medical done by a Physician outside the Division may do so by paying the medical examination fee and other related costs.

    3. The Division may request a second opinion to be performed by a Physician determined by the Division.

    4. The prescribed School Division medical report form shall be used to record the results of the medical examination. See GBK-E

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    GBK-E Medical Report.pdf

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    GBK-E - Medical Report


    File GBK-E

    Page 1 of 2



    TELEPHONE 857-8756 FAX 239-5998


    SURNAME _______________________________ GIVEN NAMES ______________________________

    PATIENT'S RELEASE: I hereby authorize release of this information to The Portage la Prairie School Division.

    Signature ________________________________________________ Date ________________________

    TO THE EXAMINING PHYSICIAN: This medical report is required by the School Division for the purpose noted. It is expected your examination will include the Medical Examination Requirements for all new employees plus the Class Two Licence Requirements for all Bus Drivers as listed on the reverse.

    As a prerequisite to a job offer so as to assure the Division that this candidate is physically and medically capable of performing the responsibilities and duties associated with employment as __________________

    This medical is at the request of your patient and is therefore at his/her expense.

    As an annual requirement associated with maintaining a School Bus Driver's Certificate and Class 2 Driver's Licence. The medical standards for a class 2 licence are shown on the reverse. This medical is at the request of the School Division. Please bill the School Division directly.

    PHYSICIAN'S STATEMENT: I hereby certify that the above named patient has been examined by me for the purpose stated. This patient is free from contagious disease and is is not physically and medically capable of performing the responsibilities and duties as a: School Bus Driver (class 2 licence) __________

    other employment as noted above __________

    Are there any restrictions or limitations on the duties this candidate can be expected to carry out?

    yes no

    If yes, explain: __________________________________________________________________________

    Physician's Signature _______________________________________ Date___________________

    PLEASE PRINT: Physician's Name _________________________________________________________

    Address _________________________________________________ Telephone_____________________

    City_____________________________________________________ Postal Code____________________




    535 - 3rd STREET N.W.


    R1N 2C4 TELEPHONE 857-8756

    FOR DIVISION OFFICE USE: Accept ________ Reject ________ Second Opinion Req'd ___________

    Signature _______________________________________________ Date __________________________


    Page 2 of 2



    - Best eye 20/30 or better, worst eye not less than 20/50 aided or unaided.


    - Must be able to accurately identify the colours red and green.


    - Not less than 120 degrees in each eye.


    - Not acceptable.


    To the examining physician, please refer to your Medical Standards for Driving Manual for clarification or telephone the exclusive physician only line @ 204-945-5340.


    1. Colour perception (Red, Yellow, Green) 9. Vascular system

    2. Visual acuity 10. Blood pressure - Systolic, Diastolic

    3. Hearing (conversational voice) 11. Respiratory system

    4. Central Nervous System 12. Abdominal viscera

    5. Coordination and muscle control 13. Hematopoietic system

    6. Spine 14. Urine

    7. Neck and extremities 15. Alcoholism, drug addiction

    8. Heart 16. Psychiatric or mental disorders

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    GBL - Blood Borne Infections


    File GBL



    The Board of Trustees of the Portage la Prairie School Division recognizes its responsibility to staff and students in ensuring their safety from blood borne infections such as Hepatitis (Hep B and Hep C) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It also recognizes an individual’s right to privacy regarding information about their personal health.

    In balancing the risk involved to staff and students and their individual right to privacy, the following action will be taken:

    1. Information and training on blood borne infections and the proper handling of blood and body fluids will be provided to all employees emphasizing the importance of following the routine precautions. All contact with blood and body fluids should be viewed routinely as having the potential for causing an infection. This practice should apply regardless of whether infected individuals with a blood borne disease are involved.
    2. Education programming for students will be provided based on curriculum materials developed by Manitoba Education.
    3. In accordance with current legislation, employees’ and students’ rights to privacy regarding their personal health information will be respected.
    4. The policy and procedures of the Division with respect to blood borne infections will be based upon the most current available medical knowledge.
    5. Parents and staff will be encouraged to share any health care information with appropriate school personnel to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff involved.
    6. In evaluating new information, the Division will maintain liaison with the local Medical Officer of Health or designate.


    The Board believes that for most school aged children with blood borne infections, the benefits of an unrestricted educational setting outweigh the risks of their transmitting the disease through casual contact. Consequently, the Board believes that these students should attend school in an unrestricted setting unless, in the opinion of the student’s Physician and the Medical Officer of Health, there are special circumstances that would necessitate some restrictions. The assessment for attendance or restrictions should be based on the behaviour, development, and physical condition of the student and the expected type of interaction with others in the education setting.

    In compliance with current legislation regarding the confidentiality of this information, the Division, in consultation with the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), the student’s Physician and/or the Medical Officer of Health shall determine which other persons should have the information to ensure the proper care and support of the infected person.

    Any restrictions to a student’s educational setting or attendance will ultimately be the decision of the Division. Such a decision shall be made subject to consultation with the student’s Physician and/or the Medical Officer of Health and following consultation with the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).

    Where the physical condition or behaviour of the infected requires alternative arrangements for instruction, they will be provided.

    Decisions regarding the alternative arrangements for instruction shall be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Division.

    A review of the student’s medical condition shall occur in consultation with the family Physician whenever a significant change in the student’s physical condition or behaviour occurs.


    An employee who has become infected with a blood borne disease is encouraged to report the diagnosis of this condition to the Superintendent.

    In compliance with current legislation regarding a person’s right to privacy, the Superintendent, subject to consultation with the employee’s Physician and/or Medical Officer of Health, shall determine which other person(s) should have the information to ensure proper care and support of the infected person. A meeting of the Superintendent, the employee, the employee’s Physician and the Medical Officer of Health may be held to ensure that everyone involved understands the situation and implications of any actions that may be taken. The infected employee may be accompanied at the meeting by a union or association or other representative if he/she so desires.

    An employee infected by a blood borne disease shall have the right to maintain his/her regularly assigned position unless, because of the employee’s physical condition or behaviour, there is a risk to the infected person or the employee is no longer able to physically perform his/her duties. When reasonable cause prevails, the Superintendent shall have the authority to reassign the employee to a more suitable employment position, subject to consultation with the Physician of the infected employee, Public Health personnel, Division personnel and the employee. All regular employee benefits such as sick leave provisions, salary continuance and long-term disability shall apply.

    Release of Information

    In accordance with the provision of this policy, the Superintendent and/or Chairperson of the Board shall be responsible for responding to any inquiries or requests for information from individuals, school communities or the media, related to the handling of specific cases of blood borne infections.

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    GBL-R - Precautions for Staff & Students Exposed to Blood/Body Fluid


    File GBL-R


    Disinfection of Soiled Objects and Surfaces

    Objects or surfaces which are visibly soiled with blood/body fluids (mucus, semen, urine, stool, vomit) of any persons, regardless of the type of infection, should be wiped clean with soap and water and then disinfected. A freshly prepared solution of RX15 in water (1 part RX15 to 9 parts water) is recommended as a disinfectant.

    The person doing the cleaning should wear disposable gloves to avoid exposure of open sores and/or broken mucous membranes to blood/body fluids. Disposable materials such as paper towels should be used. If a mop is used, it should be rinsed in disinfectant before being used again.

    Clothing and linens visibly soiled with blood/body fluids should be rinsed in cold water and then washed in hot water and ordinary household laundry detergent. Disposable gloves should be worn by the person who is rinsing the clothes. All disposable articles soiled with blood/body fluids should be placed in a plastic bag, closed with a twist tie, and then placed in a regular garbage container.

    The above deals only with objects and surfaces, the following deals with persons.

    Administering First Aid - Preliminary First Aid

    Preliminary first aid should be administered. As soon as possible thereafter, all blood/body fluids should be washed off in hot soapy water. It should be emphasized that careful hand-washing is an effective and reliable precaution. Disposable gloves should be worn, if possible, to avoid exposure of open sores and/or broken mucous membranes. If blood/body fluids do come into contact with an open sore, it should be washed promptly.

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    GBM - Personnel Records


    File GBM



    A file shall be maintained at the Board Office on each employee of the School Division. (Employment Standards Code)

    The terms and conditions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Act, respecting the collection, use, protection, retention, disclosure, and destruction of personal and personal health information, will be respected.

    Material in Files

    All information relevant to an employee shall be placed and maintained in the employee’s file, including performance appraisals, letters of commendation and reprimand, and other correspondence regarding an employee. Employees may request that other items such as Professional Growth Plans be placed in their file.

    Employees shall acknowledge all documents where acknowledgement is required, by signature, to indicate that they have had the opportunity to read such documents.

    Access to Files

    Access to files on employees shall be restricted to individuals approved by the Superintendent. Employees, upon request, shall be given the opportunity to examine the contents of their file in the presence of the Senior Administrator or designate. (PSA 92.1)


    References requested in writing regarding an employee’s or prior employee’s work record in the Division shall be completed by the Senior Administrator or designate. References shall only be provided in confidence.

    Employees Covered by Collective Agreement

    Where provisions regarding personnel records exist within a collective agreement, they shall apply.

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    GBN - Personal Belongings


    File GBN


    Any person who brings any article of personal property on school premises does so at his/her own risk. The School Division shall not assume any responsibility with respect to theft or disappearance of or damage to such property.

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    GBO - Pledge of Confidentiality


    File GBO


    As required under the Personal Health Information Act, the Portage la Prairie School Division must ensure that each employee sign a "Pledge of Confidentiality". Such Pledge includes an acknowledgement that the employee is bound by the Division’s policies and procedures containing provisions for the security and personal health information during its collection, use, disclosure, storage, and destruction.

    Accordingly, each employee of the Division shall be provided with appropriate orientation on the policies and procedures, and shall sign the Pledge of Confidentiality. (GBO-E)

    The Personal Health Information Act, (M.R. 245/97)

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    GBO-E - Pledge of Confidentiality


    File GBO-E


    As a volunteer, as a trustee, as an employee (please underline one) of the Portage la Prairie School Division, I acknowledge and understand that I may/will have access to personal health information (statutory definition below) about others, including students, the confidentiality and protection of which is governed by The Personal Health Information Act.

    I further acknowledge and understand that the School Division has established written policies and procedures containing provisions for security of personal health information in the Division’s possession during its collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction; provisions for the recording of security breaches; and corrective procedures to address security breaches.

    I further acknowledge that I have been provided orientation and that I have received or will receive ongoing training about these policies and procedures.

    I acknowledge that I am bound by the policies and procedures established by the School Division in accordance with the Act and I am aware that a consequence of breaching them is prosecution under the Act, and/or disciplinary action.

    Signature: ___________________________________ Date signed: __________________

    Print name: __________________________________ Date signed: __________________


    "personal health information" means recorded information about an identifiable individual that relates to:

    1. the individual’s health, or health care history, including genetic information about the individual;
    2. the provisions of health care to the individual;
    3. payment for health care provided to the individual and includes;
    4. the PHIN and any other identifying number, symbol or particular assigned to an individual;
    5. any identifying information about the individual that is collected in the course of, and is incidental to, the provision of health care or payment for health care.

    "health care" means any care, service or procedure:

    1. provided to diagnose, treat or maintain an individual’s physical or mental condition;
    2. provided to prevent disease or injury or promote health;
    3. that affects that structure or a function of the body;

    and includes the sale or dispensing of a drug, device, equipment or other item pursuant to a prescription.

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    GBP - Employee Service Recognition and Excellence Award


    File GBP


    The Board of Trustees of the Portage la Prairie School Division believes that dedicated and experienced employees are important in meeting the objectives of the Division. The Administration, Personnel, and Public Relations Committee of the Board will therefore annually determine an appropriate forum to officially recognize the services of long term and retiring employees. A list of those eligible for recognition will be circulated well in advance of the event, to ensure accuracy and completeness.

    Employee Recognition Guidelines

    Resignations - An employee leaving the Division shall receive an appropriate letter of appreciation for service to the Division.

    Long Term Employees -An employee leaving the Division having had ten years or more of service shall be recognized as follows:

    1. 10 to 14 years - Division pin and appropriate gift
    2. 15 to 24 years - dinner and appropriate gift
    3. 25 years and over - dinner and appropriate gift

    Years of service shall be defined as total years of employment with the Portage la Prairie School Division. An authorized leave of absence shall not be included in the calculation of the total years of service.

    The dinner shall be held annually in June with the following persons and their spouses/escorts invited as guest of the School Division:

    employees being recognized
    Trustees and Senior Administrative staff
    supervisory staff of employees
    Principal and Vice-Principal of employees
    other employees, or previous employees, as determined by the organizing committee

    The Board authorizes the Senior Administrative staff to select, purchase and prepare the gifts for presentation.

    Excellence Award

    This award is instituted by the Division as one way to acknowledge the many special contributions made by employees or volunteers to the success of the Division. The essential criteria for the award is that the recipient carries out his/her responsibilities in a manner that reflects the Division’s slogan; "Dedicated to the Pursuit of Excellence." The demonstration of excellence may be by way of a single meritorious act worthy of recognition or a collection of activities which are perceived by colleagues as examples of unique dedication and commitment to the Division’s mandate. Typically the recipients carry out their responsibilities without the expectation of recognition.

    Nominations for the "Excellence Award" must come from the employees or Trustees of the Division and in the case of employees, be supported by the nominee’s supervisor. The nominations will be directed to the Administration and Public Relations Committee of the Board along with supporting documentation upon which it is able to base a decision to make the award.

    Generally, the award will be made on no more than two occasions per year.

    Upon acceptance of a nomination, the Administration and Public Relations Committee will recommend the nominee to the full Board of Trustees. If approved, the Board of Trustees will present a Portage la Prairie School Division pin to that staff member as a token of appreciation for his/her contribution to the Division.

    The presentation of the Division pin will be complemented in a more tangible fashion by a gift certificate for dinner for two, a framed certificate of appreciation, and their name engraved on the School Division plaque for Excellence.

    Principals and supervisors are urged to keep the Superintendent’s Department informed of situations that may be worthy of such an award.

    There may be circumstances not covered above, or exceptional situations where the Administration, Personnel, and Public Relations Committee of the Board may wish to waive or alter certain requirements as outlined, for the recognition of certain employees.

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    GBQ - Bereavement Condolences


    File GBQ


    In the event of the death of Trustee or employee of the Portage la Prairie School Division (or his/her immediate family members -spouse, son, daughter, mother, or father), the sympathy of the Board and Administrative Staff shall be expressed to the family of the deceased by way of an arrangement of flowers or other such means as may be appropriate.

    Where the Trustee or employee, or former Trustee or employee, had ten or more years of service with the Portage la Prairie School Division, the sympathy of the Board and Administrative Staff shall be expressed to the family of the deceased by way of a card, an arrangement of flowers, or other such means as may be appropriate.

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    GC - Professional Staff Positions



    File GC


    The professional staff positions for purposes of this section of the Manual of Policies and Procedures are the following:

    School Principal
    School Vice-Principal
    Hutterian Schools Supervisor
    Substitute Teacher
    School Counsellor
    Student Services Administrator
    School Psychologist
    Speech/Language Pathologist
    Strategic Initiatives Learning Coordinator
    Social Worker/Attendance Officer
    Outreach Facilitator
    Computer Consultant

    Professional staff shall comply with the expectations outlined by the standards and guidelines set by professional organizations for their members.

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    GCA - Professional Staff Contracts


    File GCA


    All Teachers employed by this Division on a regular basis shall have signed a Teacher-General, Limited Term Teacher -General, or Substitute Teacher agreement, the prescribed contract form as outlined in the Public Schools Act. [PSA 92(1)]

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    GCC - Professional Staff Compensation for Expenses


    File GCC


    The Board will pay certain expenses incurred by the professional staff, provided that the Board has authorized the expenditures before they are made. Reimbursement will be as per Division policy. See DLD

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    GCD - Professional Staff Compensations for Hours Above the Contract Time


    File GCD



    The Collective Agreement makes provision for compensation for authorized time in excess of contract time for part-time Teachers. Generally, the following hours will be authorized, however prior application is required as outlined on the "Part-Time Teachers - Application for Additional Compensation" form.

    It is important to note that in most cases the contract percentage must be deducted from "extra" hours worked in order to apply the concept properly. The extra hours are limited to "school day" hours only.

    Events for which compensation in excess of the contract time will usually be authorized:

    1. Parent-Teacher conference days
    2. Division-wide in-service days
    3. Half-day Grade-Group meetings
    4. Administration days subject to the necessity of attending beyond contract time

    The Provincial (S.A.G.) in-service and school-based in-service days will generally not receive additional compensation; however, attendance for the contract time is expected.

    All other situations will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Principal.

    These guidelines do not apply to Teachers covered by the "Job Sharing" arrangements.

    See also: DLD

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    GCE - Professional Staff Leaves and Absences


    File GCE


    The Board will provide for leaves and absences for its professional staff members, in accordance with applicable legislation and the terms of the Collective Agreement. Additional leave may be granted by the Board in certain situations, as follows.

    Jury Duty

    Professional staff shall be granted a leave of absence without loss of pay when called for jury duty. Any remuneration received, not including expenses, shall be turned over to The Portage la Prairie School Division.

    Witness Duty

    Professional staff who are subpoenaed to appear as a witness shall be granted leave of absence without loss of pay. Any remuneration received, not including expenses, shall be turned over to The Portage la Prairie School Division. M.R. 24/84 (The Jury Act)

    Absence for the Purpose of Writing Examinations

    Teachers who enroll in evening or Saturday courses held during the school year for the purpose of upgrading their academic or professional qualifications, shall be granted time without loss of salary, if required, to write examinations in these subjects. Normally, the time granted for each examination shall be one-half day if the examination is conducted during school hours. However, one full day may be granted if timing and travel warrant.

    Teachers are required to complete the prescribed form, well in advance of the dates(s) for which leave is requested.

    Absence for Manitoba Education Meetings

    Teachers who are asked to become members of curriculum revision or other committees set up by Manitoba Education may be required from time to time to attend meetings outside the Division during a school day. An arrangement exists between the Department and this Division whereby personnel may be released without loss of salary for the desired time.

    Compassionate Leave

    The Senior Administrative staff is authorized to grant staff members up to three days per year of compassionate leave with salary adjustments at the discretion of the Senior Administrative staff.

    Compassionate leave is intended to apply to situations of an unusual nature that affect the health or welfare of the employs or his/her immediate family such as:

    Emergency hospitalization of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent, brother, sister)
    Hospitalization (surgery) of spouse, parent or child

    Compassionate leave shall also apply in situations which require a staff member to serve as an "active pallbearer."

    Personal Leave - Additional

    In recognition of the fact that from time to time Teachers may be required to attend to personal obligations during the school day, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to grant Teachers personal leave as per Article 28 of the Collective Agreement. Requests for additional time for unusual or emergency situations must be addressed to the Superintendent in writing for consideration by the Board.

    The conditions applicable to personal leave are:

    1. The Teacher must make application on the prescribed form to the Principal, at least five school days in advance of the date(s) for which the leave is requested.
    2. The Principal and Superintendent approve the leave.
    3. A suitable Substitute Teacher is available.
    4. The salary is adjusted by the appropriate rate for each day of approved leave.
    5. Leave for personal business will generally not be approved within two weeks of the beginning or end of the school year or semester.
    6. Pro-rated for Teachers on contract for less than one year.
    Teachers on contract for up to 5 months - 1 day,
    Teachers on contract for 6-10 months – 2 days.

    Religious Leave

    The Portage la Prairie School Division, out of respect for the religious beliefs of its staff, will give serious consideration to requests for leave to observe religious holy days.

    Any Division employee wishing to be absent from his/her duties on regular working days due to observance of holy days of his/her faith shall submit a completed "Request for Leave" form to the Board office at least one month prior to the anticipated absence.

    The Senior Administrative staff may grant such leave to a maximum of three days per person per academic year. Requests for such leave in excess of three days must be referred to the Board of Trustees.

    Any Teacher granted religious leave shall have the current Substitute Teacher rate deducted from his/her salary for the first day of such leave per school year, and the per diem rate deducted for each additional day of religious leave granted in the same school year. Any non-teaching employee granted religious leave shall have the per diem rate deducted for each day of such leave.

    Religious leave will not be granted if:

    when the employee is a Teacher, a suitable substitute is not available;
    the absence of the staff member causes a hardship upon students;
    the cost of allowing religious leave places undue demands upon the School Division.

    The Board believes that provisions for leaves and absences will help to attract and retain faculty who will continue to grow professionally, maintain their health and wellness, and have a feeling of security within the Portage la Prairie School Division.

    The table following outlines procedures required for all professional staff leaves and absences (GCE-R).

    Leaves and absences will be recorded by the Principal of each school on the Staff Absence Report.


    Leaves and Absences

    Collective Agreement Section or Policy Code Applicable

    Letter of Application to Superintendent’s Dept.


    To be recorded on the Teacher Absence Report

    1. Leave for Executive Duties




    Sabbatical Leave




    Maternity, Parental, and Adoptive Leave & Supplementary Employment Benefit Plan




    Birth Leave




    Sick Leave (see NOTE below)



    Leave for Jury and Witness Duty




    Leave in Recognition for Extra-curricular Activities




    Personal Leave




    Bereavement Leave




    Leave of Absence Without Pay




    Religious Leave




    Compassionate Leave





    Absence for Manitoba Education meetings




    Personal Leave - Additional





    Absence for Purpose of Writing Examination




    NOTE: Professional staff of the Division who are away from work due to illness or injury, for a continuous period of more than four work days, shall submit a Doctor’s certificate to the Principal/Supervisor.

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    GCE-R Leaves and Absences.pdf

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    GCF - Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays


    File GCF


    The vacations and holidays of the professional staff are governed by the Public Schools Act. (See also IC) [PSA 76, 77, 78 (1) (2)], (M.R. 101/95)

    (Employment Standards Code, 21)

    Senior Administrative Staff shall be entitled to vacation time as authorized by the Board. Vacation time shall be scheduled within the following guidelines:

    1. Holidays may be taken at any time during the calendar year. The holiday schedule shall be posted in the Division Office.
    2. Senior Administrative holiday time shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

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    GCG - Transfer of Teaching Staff


    File GCG


    The basis for transfer of teaching personnel within the Portage la Prairie School Division shall be one of the following reasons:

    1. Request by Teacher for transfer to another school where a suitable position is available.
    2. Transfer because of lack of a suitable position in present school due to decreasing student enrollment or reduction in number of courses offered.
    3. Lack of compatibility in present school, either with other staff members or the student body, or both.
    4. Maintenance of the best possible staff in each school.

    Transfer of Teachers will be made by the Superintendent in consultation with the Teacher and Principals concerned.

    All requests for transfers, whether by the Teacher or by a Principal for a teacher, shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent with an explanation of the reasons for the request.

    An application for transfer shall be considered confidential until such time as it is necessary to take action as to final decisions and arrangements.

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    GCG-E - Teacher Intention Information


    File GCG-E




    Teacher's Name _______________________ Present School ________________________________

    Grade/Subjects _____________________________________________________________________

    Total experience in this Division as of June 30, 2010__________________________________________

    Each Teacher is requested to complete the following brief questionnaire regarding his/her intentions for next year. Your response to these questions will assist the Superintendents' Department in planning staffing details for the fall, including consideration for internal transfers. For those planning retirement, please inform your Supervisor/Principal as soon as possible. It would be extremely helpful to know this as early as possible to assist the division in its budget and staffing preparations. Internal transfers will generally not be considered after July 31. Thank you.

    10/11 11/12

    1. It is my wish to continue teaching in the Division.

    2. I have definite plans to leave the Portage la Prairie School Division.

    3. I am considering retirement


    . My plans for the noted school years are uncertain.

    5. Comments: (if you wish - e.g. transfer to another school, grade or subject, or a meeting with the Principal or Superintendents' Department to discuss your teaching assignment)



    _________________________________ _______________________________

    Date Signature of Teacher


    Signature of Principal

    Please return the completed form to your Principal by Jan. 15/2010.


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    GCG-E Teacher Intention Information.pdf

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    GD - Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring


    File GD


    The goal of Teacher selection will be to procure the best possible staff member for the services which are to be rendered.

    Factors which influence the selection of professional personnel are as follows:

    Training and certification
    Professional competence
    Personality and compatibility
    Teaching experience
    Professional attitude

    The Portage la Prairie School Division believes the quality of education will be enhanced by employing staff who are knowledgeable about and involved in the day-to-day activities of the community.

    Preference will be given to Teachers who reside in, or who will relocate to and reside in, the Portage la Prairie School Division.

    Application to teach in any of the schools in the Portage la Prairie School Division will be by letter and the prescribed application form. The selection of the teaching staff will be the responsibility of the Superintendent who will involve the Principals concerned whenever possible.

    All teaching personnel selected for employment must be approved by the Superintendent and recommended to the Board for ratification. All relevant documentation on all staff short-listed for an interview will be forwarded to the Superintendent’s office to be kept on file for a period of one year. The rationale for the selection of the successful candidate will be included on the Employment Consideration Form. The number of staff selected for employment must be within the limits established by the Board.

    The provisions of policy GAB -Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks will apply.

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    GD-R - Hiring of Teachers - Guidelines


    File GD-R


    In March a general advertisement will be placed in the Daily Graphic and Winnipeg Free Press. Resumes will be filed at the Board Office and entered on a data base.

    Administrators will use the following process in selecting the best candidate for the position:

    1. Contact the Board Office and arrange to review the applications on file.

    2. If necessary, advertise in the Daily Graphic and/or the Free Press. Positions will also be posted on the Division’s website.

    3. Short-list applications for interviews (interview minimum of three applicants when possible).

    Use an interview team (minimum of two)
    Applications should be considered in the following order
    1. Displaced Teachers/Teachers returning from a "Leave"
    2. Teachers presently on 2A contracts
    3. Teachers requesting changes (list from intention forms)
    4. Substitute Teachers
    5. New applications
    Be sure all interviewed applicants complete an "Application for Employment" form
    4. A minimum of three Reference Requests must be completed including from the most recent employer.

    5. The Principal will complete an "Employment Consideration" form to be sent along with the Application form and Reference Request forms to the Superintendent’s Department for final approval.

    6. Upon approval from the Superintendent’s Department, contact the applicant to verbally offer the position. The Board Office will send out the formal offer and request for various documentation.

    7. Contact all interviewed candidates to inform them of your decision and follow up with a letter.

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    GDH - Selection Process for the Positions of Principal/Vice-Principal/Supervisor


    File GDH



    The Superintendent shall recruit the best possible applicants for administrative positions. He/she shall post notices of all such vacancies as they occur in all school buildings and advertise such positions by way of the appropriate news media.

    During interviews by the Superintendent’s Department for a Principal, Vice-Principal or supervisor, members of the Administration, Personnel and Public Relations committee shall be in attendance. The committee members may choose to be active participants in the interview process or simply act in an observatory capacity. At the completion of all interviews the Superintendent’s Department shall make the final nomination to committee. The committee will recommend the selection to the Board.

    While the Board may accept or reject this recommendation, appointment of a Principal, Vice-Principal or supervisor shall be valid only if made on the nomination of the Superintendent. In the case of rejections, it is the duty of the Superintendent to make additional nominations to the committee for Board approval.

    Other administrative personnel, as decided by the Administration, Personnel and Public Relations committee, may also be involved in the interviews.

    The Superintendent shall give consideration to the recommendations of the respective Principal(s) prior to nominating candidates for supervisor and Vice-Principal.

    All Trustees shall be informed of the time, date and location of the Administration, Personnel and Public Relations committee interviews and may attend such interviews at their own discretion.

    In urgent situations the committee of Administration, Personnel and Public Relations in consultation with the Board Chair may direct the Superintendent to make an offer for employment prior to formal Board approval.

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    GDI - Professional Staff Probation


    File GDI


    Probationary Tenured Teachers

    1. In the event that the Teacher evaluation procedure (GE) indicates the teaching performance of a tenured Teacher to be in question, the possibility of placing the Teacher on probation may be considered as an alternative to dismissal.
    2. The decision to place a tenured Teacher on probation shall be made by the Superintendent in consultation with the Principal concerned.
    3. Teachers to be placed on probation shall be advised orally and in writing by the Superintendent of Schools.
    4. The duration of the probationary period shall be determined by the Superintendent and may range from a minimum of four months to a maximum of nine months.
    5. The oral and written notice of probation shall designate specific areas of teaching performance in which improvement is required, the level of performance expected, and the consequences of failing to achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of performance.
    6. A Teacher on probation may choose to involve the local Division Association in developing a program to improve teaching performance.
    7. A Teacher on probation may discontinue the involvement of the local Division Association in the remedial program at any time without prejudice.
    8. Written bi-monthly evaluative progress reports shall be prepared by the Principal and submitted to the Superintendent and the Teacher. All such reports shall be discussed with the Teacher and signed by the Teacher and Principal prior to being submitted.
    9. The evaluation of Teachers is the sole responsibility of the Administrative staff.
    10. Teachers on probation shall be advised orally and in writing prior to May 31 of the probationary period respecting their future status as employees of the Division.

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    GDJ - Substitute Teacher Arrangements and Guidelines


    File GDJ


    Substitute Teachers shall perform, as far as possible, the duties of the Teachers for whom they substitute and shall observe the regulations which apply to Teachers on the regular staff. The details of their duties shall be set forth by the Principal of the school where they are employed.

    Arrangements for Substitute Teachers

    1. All Substitute Teachers must be booked through the Call-out Clerk at the School Board Office via telephone, e-mail or in person.
    2. When the Teacher requires a Substitute for reason of illness, the Teacher shall contact the Call-out Clerk stating the pertinent assignment information.
    3. The Teacher must inform the Principal as to when he/she will be returning to duty, in accordance with procedure established by the Principal.
  • When a Teacher requires a Substitute for reasons other than illness, i.e. professional development, medical, etc., he/she shall phone or e-mail the Call-out Clerk at the Board Office once the leave has been approved by the Principal and provide the pertinent replacement information. The school will be advised once the Substitute has been booked.
  • It is the Substitute Call-out Clerk’s responsibility to obtain the services of a qualified Substitute Teacher best suited to the teaching situation. Individual Substitute preferences will be considered. When possible, the Call-out Clerk will then advise the school of any absences and Substitute replacements prior to 8:30 a.m.
  • Non-certified Substitute Teachers may be hired when certified Substitutes are not available.
  • If, through the fault of school personnel, a Substitute Teacher is hired when no Substitute Teacher is required, the school will be charged the salary of the Substitute for the day or portion thereof.
  • Substitute Teachers will be paid at a rate of pay as specified in the Portage Teachers’ Collective Agreement.
  • Guidelines

    1. Only Substitute Teachers who are on the most recent sub list are to be employed.
    2. From these Substitute Teachers, those who are certified (in Manitoba) are to be employed first.
    3. Non-certified Substitutes from the sub list may be employed when a certified Substitute is not available.
    4. Non-certified Substitutes, when employed, must not work more than five consecutive days at any one assignment.
    5. If a certified Substitute is not available for an extended assignment, application must be made and a letter of authority received prior to the employment of a non-certified Substitute.

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    GDK - Division Professional Development Committee


    File GDK


    1. Membership

    Membership of the Professional Development Committee of the Portage la Prairie School Division will be as follows. In general, it will include:

    The Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent
    The Chair of the Professional Development Committee of the Portage Teachers’ Association
    The School Administrator’s representative of the Professional Development Committee of the Portage Teachers’ Association
    The Strategic Initiatives Learning Coordinator
    Representatives of other stakeholder groups as determined to be necessary by the Superintendent’s Department.
    1. Responsibilities

    The Divisional Professional Development Committee will be responsible for the organization and implementation of local in-services and local short courses in consultation with other stakeholder groups such as the Professional Development Committee of the Portage la Prairie Teachers’ Association.

    The Superintendents’ Department in cooperation with the Professional Development Chair and School Administrators’ representative of the Professional Development committee of the Portage Teachers’ Association will be responsible for the selection of participants and administration of finances for:

    Out of Division short courses
    Out of Division in-services and workshops
    Teacher visitation
    National and international conferences
    Provincial conferences
    Substitute teachers
    Traveling expenses in connection with the above
    Other professional development activities as they arise

    Final decision will be made by the Superintendent’s Department in the best interests of the students, employees, and the Division.

    1. Annual Support
    The Professional Development Committee of the Portage la Prairie School Division fosters the improvement of instruction in schools and the professional growth of the employees of the Division. The Board recognizes the value of this committee in liaising with stakeholders such as the Professional Development Committee of the Portage Teachers’ Association and agrees to support the divisional committee financially by providing an annual budget which shall be determined by the Board.

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    GE - Supervision for Professional Growth


    File GE


    The Dual-Track Supervision Model of the Portage la Prairie School Division is a system of evaluation of Teachers, which addresses both the need for professional growth and the expectation of accountability. It consists of two tracks: The Professional Growth Track and The Professional Accountability Track.

    The Professional Growth Track provides an opportunity for experienced Teachers, who have consistently demonstrated their competence in the Portage la Prairie School Division to take ownership and increased responsibility for their professional growth and development. Teachers enter this track in their third year of employment with the Division where supported by the Principal. This track requires the Teacher to develop a professional growth plan, describing the professional growth, which the Teacher intends to experience over a period of time. Some of the possible areas of focus for this growth plan are effective instruction, classroom management, student evaluation, interpersonal skills, educational technology, or innovations of the teacher’s own choosing.

    Placement in this track lasts for three years, during which time the Teachers works in regular communication with the supervising administrator so that a mutual understanding of the goals, progress, and growth exists. Every fourth year, a Teacher will re-enter the accountability track to assure that performance standards are still met.

    The Professional Accountability Track is applicable for beginning Teachers, Teachers new to the Division, experienced Teachers whose performance is being appraised as part of the regular supervisory cycle, or experienced teachers who request such appraisal. A written summative report is prepared by the supervisor and shared with the Teacher following the appraisal. The Accountability Track offers three possible track placements:

    Supervision 1 is a structured, formal, and clinical approach to evaluation, used to assess the performance of Teachers who are recent graduates, are new to Manitoba, or are re-entering the profession after an absence of more than three years, and tends to focus on the most fundamental techniques of teaching. This process involves pre- conferencing, observation, and post-conferencing.

    Supervision 2 is applicable to non-beginning Teachers who are new to the Division, having taught in Manitoba for at least one of the last three years. This process is not unlike Supervision 1, but ideally, the focus of the level of supervision will be the development of more refined skills. It provides for a more collegial and monitorial approach, with greater empowerment for the Teacher.

    Supervision 3 is similar to 1 and 2, but it allows for a greater degree of collaboration and Teacher empowerment. It is a process for Teachers who have completed three years in the Professional Growth Track, or those who may request a performance appraisal (for personal reasons such as resume purposes).

    In the event of unsatisfactory performance or lack of progress in making improvements, Teachers may be placed on probation or have their contract terminated.

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    GEA - Professional Staff Dismissal/Termination of Employment


    File GEA


    If it becomes necessary to dismiss/terminate a professional staff member, such will be according to procedures outlined in the Form 2 or Form 2A, and the appropriate sections of the Public Schools Act [PSA 92(3) - 92(7)], [Employment Standards Code (62, 67)]

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    GEB - Resignation of Professional Staff Members


    File GEB


    Resignation by a professional staff member must be submitted by April 30th or November 30th, as set out in the Teacher - General and/or the Limited Term Teacher -General contracts. Should extenuating circumstances arise, a Teacher may submit a resignation at times other than the above dates, for consideration by the Superintendent.

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    GEC - Retirement of Professional Staff Members


    File GEC


    A suitable memento may be presented to professional staff members in the Division who are retiring from professional teaching duty, as per policy GBP.

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    GEE - Non-Division Employment by Professional Staff Members


    File GEE


    A professional staff member accepting employment during the school year at places other than the School Division must ensure that such employment will have no adverse effect on job performance for the Division.

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    GEF - Professional Research and Publishing


    File GEF


    The Board encourages its professional staff to avail itself of opportunities offered by various agencies to carry out professional research and publishing.

    Whenever such research involving the Portage la Prairie School Division is of a major nature, the research shall be authorized by the Board prior to its commencement. Results of such research shall be made available to the Board.

    In situations where the research involves the Division, the Board will discuss the research and may authorize assistance for the project.

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    GEG - Exchange Teachers


    File GEG


    The Board will consider requests by Teachers in the Division to take part in exchange teaching.

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    GF - Support Staff Positions



    File GF


    The support staff are those persons, other than the Senior Administrators and the professional instructional staff members, employed by the School Division. They are a support to the Instructional Program staff. For purposes of this section of the Manual of Policies and Procedures, they are divided into three groups: Division Support, School Level Support, and Maintenance and Transportation Support.

    Division Support Staff

    Manager of Business and Finance

    Executive Assistant


    Administrator of Accounts and Purchasing

    Accounting Assistant

    Payroll Administrator

    Payroll Assistant

    Director of P.E.R.C.

    Computer Network Administrator

    Network and Computer Technician

    Technology Assistant

    School Level Support Staff

    Administrative Assistant

    Educational Assistant

    Library Paraprofessional

    Native Liaison Worker

    Clerical Assistant

    Charge Custodian - Days

    Charge Custodian - Nights


    Maintenance and Transportation Support Staff

    Supervisor of Operations Mechanic

    Secretary - Operations Bus Driver

    Assistant Supervisor of Operations Journeyman Carpenter

    -Maintenance/Custodial Journeyman Painter

    Assistant Supervisor of Operations Journeyman Electrician

    - Transportation Painter’s Assistant

    Safety Officer Maintenance Person

    Clerical Assistant - Operations HVAC Technician

    Stock Control Clerk Courier

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    GFA - Support Staff Salary Schedules, Working Conditions, and Benefits


    File GFA



    The salaries, working conditions, and benefits of support staff who are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (C.U.P.E.) local 2085 shall have those set out in the Agreement negotiated between the Portage la Prairie Division and C.U.P.E.

    The Business and Finance Committee of the Board shall review the non-union support staff salaries, working conditions, and benefits on an annual basis.

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    GFB - Support Staff Compensation for Expenses


    File GFB


    Support staff members will be compensated for pre-approved expenses incurred while carrying out duties assigned by the Supervisor or the Board. Reimbursement will be as per Division policy.

    See DLD

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    GFC Extra-Curricular Activities (Support Staff)


    File GFC


    Commencing September 1, 2011, support staff who perform fifty (50) hours of eligible extra-curricular service during the school year shall be entitled to one day of paid leave of absence per school year.

    “Extra-Curricular Activities” means student-related athletic, social, recreational and cultural activities, occurring outside the normal school day, but does not include activities related to academic and instructional matters or curriculum subjects outside the normal school day, whether such occur alone or with students, parents or administrative staff.

    Eligible extra-curricular activity must be pre-approved by the principal in accordance with approval from the Superintendent’s office.

    The date for such leave shall be agreed upon between the principal and the employee.

    Part-time support staff shall have the hours of eligible extra-curricular activities pro-rated

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    GG - Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring


    File GG



    The goal of support staff selection is to procure the best possible staff members for the services which are to be rendered. The recruiting and hiring shall be coordinated by the appropriate Senior Administration.

    Factors which influence the selection of support staff are as follows:

    1. relevant training and experience
    2. personality and compatibility
    3. suitability for the position

    The Portage la Prairie School Division believes the quality of education will be enhanced by employing staff who are knowledgeable about and involved in the day-to-day activities of the community.

    Preference will be given to applicants who reside in, or who will relocate to and reside in, the Portage la Prairie School Division.

    Application for employment will be by the completion of the prescribed application form. The selection of support staff below the supervisory level will be the responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer who will involve the appropriate Principals and/or Supervisors whenever possible.

    All support staff selected for employment must be approved by the Secretary-Treasurer. All relevant documentation on all staff short-listed for an interview will be forwarded to the Superintendent’s Department to be kept on file in accordance with "Guidelines on the Retention and Disposition of School Division Records", Manitoba Education. The rationale for the selection of the successful candidate will be included on the Employment Consideration Form. The number of staff selected for employment must be within the limits established by the annual budget.

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    GG-R - Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring


    File GG-R


    General Selection Process

    The following is the process that is to be followed by Supervisors:

    1. All new or vacant positions must be posted for five working days prior to hiring. (May also advertise externally, but current staff must first be considered if they have the qualifications and ability).
    2. Chosen applicants interviewed (application form filled out).
    3. Final choice applicants - reference checks (3)-one must be most recent employer, and not relatives.
    4. If a present employee of the Division is selected, fill out a "Change of Assignment" form. If a new or casual employee is selected, fill out "Employment Consideration - Support Staff" form.
    5. Final approval is the decision of the Superintendent.
    6. After final approval, the selected candidate can be contacted and informed that he/she will need to get a Criminal Record Check and submit he Child Abuse Registry forms before beginning in the school.
    7. Unsuccessful interviewed candidates are to be contacted by phone and follow-up with written notification that the position has been filled.
    8. Unsuccessful interviewed candidates’ documentation is to be sent to the Board Office and kept on file for a 2 year period.

    Note: Staff are not to begin work until the above procedure #1-6 is completed and a Criminal Record check is first completed.

    Hours of work cannot exceed 8hrs/day or 40hrs/week. (e.g. combined bus driver - educational assistant positions)


    1. Evaluations
    It is important to indicate any problems or concerns on the evaluation report.
    If problems are not documented, they cannot be referred to at a later date.
    The employee must be given an opportunity to explain and/or change the problem areas of their performance and you must be prepared to assist them where possible.
    2. Postings
    It is very important to list any specific qualifications, skills and required knowledge in order to enable the applicant to compose their applications/resumes in response to the postings and to be aware of these factors if and when the employer holds interviews or wished to assess the candidates in any other manner. (Qualifications established must be relevant to the position)
    3. Interviews
    Applicants that meet the basic qualifications - 1st consideration = within seniority category.
    If no one from within the classification meets the basic criteria, the school is free to look outside the seniority classification.
    Interviews are to be consistent for all applicants (same questions, etc.).
    Current employees have the right to have their applications judged on their respective merits and without the creation of a competition involving a person outside of the classification (do not combine current employees with external employees for interviews).
    4. Selection
    The employer must act fairly and without discrimination in making a selection (e.g. age, sex, race, etc.).
    If an employee from within the classification meets the basic criteria, they are to be considered before others outside of the bargaining unit.
    The most senior applicant that meets the qualifications for the position is to be selected.
    Our current "Temporary" staff are not listed on the seniority list, but they are within the bargaining unit until the end of their temporary assignment.
    Casual employees are not members of the bargaining unit (spare Cleaners, spare Bus Drivers).
    The most important decision you make as an employer is selecting GOOD employees.

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    GGA - Placement Procedures for Educational Assistants


    File GGA


    1. Teacher Assistant vacancies which have been filled during the school year (October 1 - June 30) and are to continue into the next school year will be posted annually during the month of June. This is in keeping with the terms of the CUPE Collective Agreement, Article 27 and preserves the continuity of student programs throughout the school year.
    2. All
    3. staff are eligible to respond to the year-end posting(s), including permanent and temporary staff. Placements will be determined based upon position criteria, with preference given to seniority (Permanent staff) if all other qualifications are equal.
    4. Vacancies remaining following the June posting(s), after permanent and term staff have been assigned, will be filled by employing temporary staff, using the applications currently on file or by advertising externally.
    5. Additional time or vacancies that become available during the school year (October 1 - June 30) will, to the extent possible and practical, be assigned to current staff (on a temporary basis until the end of the school year) with consideration given to seniority, school programs and personal interest. Any changes that occur during the year will be communicated and confirmed using the "Change of Assignment" form.
    6. Additional time or vacancies that become available during the school year and cannot be filled as outlined in number 4 will be filled newly hired temporary staff.
    7. Teacher Assistant Intention forms must be forwarded by the school Principal to the Student Services Administrator prior to June 1st of each year. Additional requests for changes of assignment outside the present school can be forwarded in writing by the applicant to the Student Services Administrator at any time.
    8. All teacher assistant staff will receive a letter each June which will outline the details of the assignment for the beginning of the school year.

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    GGB - Support Staff Probation


    File GGB


    The length of the probationary period upon the hiring of support staff is six months. It may be extended an additional three months at the discretion of Senior Administration. See also: Article 21 - CUPE Agreement

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    GGC - Support Staff Seniority


    File GGC


    Seniority is defined as the years of continuous service in the School Division as a member of the bargaining unit. In matters such as the transfer, promotion, or reduction of staff, factors such as seniority, skills, and qualifications will be considered. See also: Article 22 - CUPE Agreement

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    GGD - Support Staff Assignments and Transfers


    File GGD


    The support staff supervisors may, in consultation with, and with the approval of the appropriate Senior Administrator, make assignments and transfers to support personnel as they feel will benefit the operation of the School Division. See also: Article 27 - CUPE Agreement

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    GGF - Supervision and Evaluation of Support Staff


    File GGF



    It is the objective of the Board to develop, maintain and retain competent and effective support personnel. The development and implementation of a staff evaluation program to support this objective shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools.

    The evaluation of support services staff shall cover the major areas of each employee’s responsibilities and shall include the following:

    performance of job assignments;
    attitude toward children;
    attitude toward public education;
    attitude toward Supervisors, teaching staff and fellow employees.

    Standards for Evaluation

    All evaluations shall be on the prescribed forms. (GGF-E1 -Support Staff, GGF-E2 -Bus Drivers)

    Evaluation Responsibilities

    Custodial Personnel -Assistant Supervisor of Operations -Maintenance, In Consultation with Principal

    Cleaners - Assistant Supervisor of Operations -Maintenance

    Maintenance Employees - Assistant Supervisor of Operations -Maintenance

    Bus Drivers - Assistant Supervisor of Operations -Transportation

    Mechanics - Assistant Supervisor of Operations -Transportation

    Operations Secretarial/Clerical - Supervisor of Operations

    School Secretaries - School Principal

    Teacher/Library Assistants - School Principal

    Board Office Staff - Senior Administration

    Utilization of Evaluations

    1. Probationary evaluation - a satisfactory evaluation must be filed before a probationary employee shall be considered for regular employment.
    2. Evaluation -regular employees.
    3. Evaluation shall be utilized to inform employees of their performance and as an aid to improving performance.

      Evaluation reports shall be discussed with the employee. Each employee shall be given a copy of his/her evaluation, shall sign the Division’s copy as evidence that he/she has seen it, and that it has been discussed with him/her. Each employee shall be permitted to write comments and attach same to his/her evaluation prior to its being filed in the employee’s personal file.

    4. Unsatisfactory performance could result in the termination of employment with the Division.


    An employee who believes that the evaluation is not a true reflection of his/her performance may appeal through established appeal procedures. See also: Article 30 - CUPE Agreement

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    GGF-E1 - Evaluation Report - Support Staff


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    GGF-E1 Evaluation Report-Support Staff.pdf

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    GGF-E2 - Operations Department Evaluation - School Bus Driver


    Page 1 of 2

    File GGF-E2




    NAME _________________________________________

    To be completed by the Supervisor of Operations or his delegate as follows:

    1. On all new drivers towards the completion of the six month probationary period.

    2. On all drivers during the school year.

    3. Completed form must be signed by driver who is then given a copy.

    4. To be rated as follows: 1. Satisfactory

    2. Needs improvement (requires comment)

    3. Unacceptable (requires comment)

    A. PRE-TRIP INSPECTION _______________________________




    1. Start _______________________________

    2. Shifting/Clutching _______________________________

    3. Driving _______________________________

    4. Speed _______________________________

    5. Braking _______________________________

    6. Use of lights _______________________________

    7. Use of mirrors/Check danger zone _______________________________


    1. Toward students _______________________________

    2. Toward management _______________________________

    3. Confidence _______________________________


    1. Driver _______________________________

    2. Student _______________________________


    1. Inside _______________________________

    2. Outside _______________________________

    Page 2 of 2

    File GGF-E2


    1. Students ________________________________

    2. Driver ________________________________


    1. Log book _______________________________

    2. Time sheet/paperwork _______________________________

    On any item rated "Needs Improvement" or "Unacceptable", please record on the bottom of this form what is being done to effect improvement and file a subsequent report within 10 days.

    Comments and follow-up:

    Date ________________Supervisor of Operations _____________________________

    I agree in general with the observations recorded above.

    Date _______________ Driver ___________________________________________

    I disagree with the observations recorded above. My objections are recorded on the attached sheet.

    Date ______________ Driver ____________________________________________

    Copies to: DIVISION OFFICE ________ DRIVER ________ FILE _________

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    GGF-E2 Operations Department Evaluation-School Bus Driver.pdf

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    GGG - Support Staff Termination of Employment


    File GGG


    In the case of a termination of employment, the terms of the Employment Standards Code will apply. See also: Article 28 - CUPE Agreement

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    GGH - Resignation of Support Staff Members


    File GGH


    A support staff member wishing to resign will give a notice of resignation, in writing, to the appropriate Supervisor.

    In resigning, support staff members should provide a one month notice.

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    GGI - Retirement of Support Staff Members


    File GGI


    A suitable memento may be presented to support staff members upon retirement, as per policy GBS.

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    GGK - Non-Division Employment by Support Staff Members


    File GGK


    A support staff member accepting employment during the school year at places other than the School Division must ensure that such employment will have no adverse effect on job performance for the Division.

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