Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Code (Link) Title Revised

School Division Legal Status

File AA-E1 Order of the Minister of Education Re: Proposal to Form the Portage la Praie School Division No. 24

File AA-E2 Order of the Minister to Establish the Portage la Prairie School Division No. 24

File AA-E3 Order of the Minister Declaring the Portafe la Prairie School Division No. 24


Boundaries and Wards of School Division

File AAA-E1 Manitoba School Divisions Map

File AAA-E2 School Division Map

File AAA-E3 Winnipeg School Divisions

AB The People and Their School Division  
ABA The Name "Portage la Prairie"  
ABB The Portage la Prairie School Division Logo  
AC Purpose and Mission Statements  
ACA Values Statement  
ACB School Division Goals and Objectives  
AD Non-Discrimination  

Respect for Human Diversity

File ADA-R Respect for Human Diversity - Definitions

Apr. 2014
AE Code of Conduct  

Behavioural Policy

File AF-E Harassment Documentation and Complaint Form

File AF-R Dealing with Harassment


Violence Prevention

File AFA-R Violent Incident Report Form

AG Commitment to Accomplishment  
AGA Accomplishment Reporting to the Public  
AH Supervision and Evaluation  
AI Smoke Free Environment  

Indigenous Education

Appendix Smudging Permission Form, Information and Location

Jan. 2020
AJ Drug Free Schools  
AK Canadian Flag Protocol  

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