Section B-1: School Board Governance and Operations

Code (Link) Title Revised
BA Board Operational Goals and Objectives  
BAA School Board Legal Status  
BAB School Board Power and Duties  
BB School Board Elections  
BBA Board Officers  
BBB Board Staff Officers  

Board Organizational Meetings

File BBC-E Organizational Meeting Agenda


Board Committees

File BBD-E Board Committee Report Form


Oath of Office

File BBE-E Schedule D Form 1


Board Member - Conflict of Interest

File BBF-E1 Disclosure of Interest of a Member of the School Board

File BBF-E2 Disclosure of Personal Interests

BC School Board Meetings Nov. 2017

Board Meeting Procedures

File BCA-E Parliamentary Procedure - At A Glance

BCB Duties of the Chair of the Board  
BCC Duties of the VIce-Chair of the Board  
BCD Notifications of Board Meetings  
BCE Special and Emergency Board Meetings  
BCF Agenda Format  
BCG Agenda Preparation and Dissemination  
BCH Quorum  
BCI Rules of Order  
BCJ Parliamentation  
BCL Voting Methods  
BCM By-Laws  
BCO Electronic Use, and Electronic Participation at Board Meetings  
BD Public Attendance at Board Meetings  

Procedures for Hearing Delegations

File BDA-E Procedures for Hearing Delegations Form

File BDA-R Procedures for Hearing Delegations

BDD News Media Services at Board Meetings  
BDE School Board Representation on Divisional or Community Organizations or Committees  

Policy Development System

File BE-E Request for Change to Policy Manual

BEA Policy Adoption  
BEB Policy Desemmination  
BEC Suspension of Policies  
BED Policy Review and Evaluation  
BEE Policy Manual Accuracy Check  
BEF Procedures for Handling Possibly Controversial Issues  
BF School Board Work Sessions and Retreats  
BFA Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures  

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