Section C: General Division/School Administration

Code (Link) Title Revised
CA Administration Goals  
CAA Division/School Administration Objecives  

Organizational Chart

File CB-E1 PLPSD Organizational Chart

File CB-E2 General Division School Administration

Dec. 2021
CC Superintendent/Secretary-Treasurer  
CD Assistant Superintendent of Schools  
CDA Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent(s)  
CDB Superintendent(s) Contract  
CDC Superintendent(s) Development Opportunities  

Evaluation of the Superintendent(s)

File CDD-E1 Evaluation of the Superintendent(s) Observation Form

File CDD-E2 Superintendent Evaluataion Observation Form

May 2013
CE Senior Administration and the Administrative Council  
CF Time Schedule - School Division Office  
CFA Board Office Staff - Vacation Guideline  
CG School Administration  
CGA School Administration - Time Allocations  
CGB Special Program Administration  
CH Development of Administrative Regulations  
CHA Board Review of Administrative Regulations  

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