Section D: Fiscal Management

Code (Link) Title Revised
DA Fiscal Management Goals and Priorities  
DB Secretary-Treasurer  
DBA Secretary-Treasurer Position Summary  
DBB Evaluation of the Secretary-Treasurer  
DC Annual Operating Budget  
DCA Budgeting System  
DCB Fiscal Year  
DCC Budget Deadlines and Schedules  
DCD Divisional Budget Planning Process  
DCE School Budgets  
DD Provincial Funding  
DDA Innovative and Special Grants  
DDB Tax and Debt Limitations  
DDC Use of Surplus Funds  

Charitable Donations

File DDD-R Charitable Donations Guidelines

DE Schools Funds Accounting  
DEA Fundraising  
DEB Canteens  
DF Depository of Funds  
DG Authorized Signatures  
DH Bonded Employees and Officers  
DI Inventories  
DIA Insurance Management - Property and Transportation  
DJ Audits  


File DK-R Purchasing

Nov. 2020

DKA  Petty Cash Accounts  

Disposal of Surplus/Obsolete Equipment

File DKB-E Authorization for Transfers and Disposals

DKC Sales Calls and Demonstrations  
DL Payment Procedures  
DLA Honorariums  
DLC Salary Deductions  

Expense Reimbursements

File DLD-E1 Expense Voucher

File DLD-E2 Trustee Expense Claim

File DLD-E3 Travel Claim

File DLD-E4 Trustee Meeting Conference Voucher

File DLD-E5 Professional Development Request for Reimbursement

DLE Cash in School Buildings  
DM School Properties Disposal  
DN  Electrical Service - Car Heaters  

Fee Schedule for Day Cares and Pre-School

File DO-E Lease Agreements


Special Budget Allocations

File DP-E Financial Support for Special Student Activities Application

DQ Provincial Competitions Funding Guidelines  

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