Section E-1: Operations - General

Code (Link) Title Revised
EA Operational Goals  
EAA Operations Objectives  
EAB Supervisor of Operations  

Workplace Safety and Health

File EB-R Workplace Safety and Health

EBA Providing for a Safe and Secure Learning Environment  

Wind-Chill Factor - Indoor Recess

File EBB-R Wind-Chill Factor - Indoor Recess


Accidents to Students and Staff

File EC-E Manitoba Schools Insurance Program Accident Incident Report


Incident Report - Employee

File ECA-E Incident Report - Confidential

ED Emergency Situations and Preparedness - Crisis Response Plan  
EE Emergency Closing/Evacuation of Schools  
EEA School Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions/Emergencies Nov. 2012

Vandalism, Break-Ins and Thefts

File EF-R Vandlaism, Break-In and Theft Reports


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