Section E-2: Operations - Property

Code (Link) Title Revised
EI Buildings/Grounds/Property Management  
EIA Buildings/Grounds/Property Security  
EIB Building Security - Warning System  

Buildings and Grounds Inspections

File EID-E1 Inspection Form

File EID-E2 Gymnasium Inspection Form

File EID-E3 Instructor Safety and Health Checklist for Industrial Arts Facilities

File EID-E4 General School Safety Inspection Form

File EID-E5 Playground Equipment Inspection Form

EIF The Control of PCB - Containing Equipment  

Fire Drills, Fire Alarms, Fire Escapres/Evacuations

File EIG-E Fire Drills - Fire Alarm and Evacuation - Monthly Log


Video Surveillance

File EIH-R Authorization for the Use of Video Surveillance


School Division Records Management

File EJA-R School Division Records Managemnt

File EJA-E Disposition of Records Log

EJB Acquisition, Maintenance and Control of Donated Materials and Equipment  

Energy Conservation

File EK-R Energy Conservation Program


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