Section F: Facilities Development

Code (Link) Title Revised
FA Facilities Development Goals  
FAA Facilities Development Prioritization Process  
FB Facilities Planning  
FBA Facilities Planning Advisors and Consultants  
FBB Enrollment Projections  
FC Facilities Maintenance Program  
FD Educational Specifications  
FDA Selection of Architect or Equivalent  
FDB Construction of Cost Estimates and Determinations  
FE Site Acquisition Procedure  
FEA Construction Contracts Bidding/Tenders and Awards  
FEB Supervision of Construction  
FEC Construction Project and Insurance Program  
FED Construction Project Records and Reports  
FF Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities  
FG Special Dedications and School Ceremonies  
FH Temporary School Facilities Rental  
FI Facilities Renovations  
FJ Facilities Acquisitions and Alterations  
FK Accessibility  

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