Section G: Personnel

Code (Link) Title Revised
GA Personnel Policy Goals  
GAA Personnel Policy Objectives  
GAB Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks  
GB Equal Opportunity Employment  
GBA Staff Dress Code  
GBB Staff Participation in Political Activities  
GBC Staff and Political Influences  
GBD Staff-Student Relations  

Staff Personal Difficulties Assistance

File GBE-R Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Misuse

GBF Staff Complaints and Grievances  
GBG Conflict of Interest - Employees  
GBH Employees Discipline - Designated Agents of the Board  

Job Sharing

File GBI-E Job Sharing Agreement

GBJ Workers Working Alone  

Medical Examinations

File GBK-E Medical Report


Blood Borne Infections

File GBL-R Precautions for Staff & Students Exposed to Blood/Body Fluid

GBM Personnel Records  
GBN Personal Belongings  

Pledge of Confidentiality

File GBO-E Pledge of Confidentiality

GBP Employee Service Recognition and Excellence Award  
GBQ Bereavement Condolences  

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing of Staff & Visitors

File GH-R Mandatory COVID-19 Testing of Staff & Visitors Guidelines and Procedures


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