Section J: Students

Code (Link) Title Revised
JA School Policy Goals  

Student Attendance

File JB-R Student Attendance


School Attendance Areas (School of Choice)

File JBA-R School Attendance Areas

File JBA-E1 Map of School Catchment Areas

File JBA-E2 Transfer to a School of Choice

File JBA-E3 For Out-of-Division/District Transfer to a School of Choice

File JBA-E4 Non-Resident Fees - Application for Payment

JBB Compulsory Attendance Ages Oct. 2011
JBC Entrance Age  

School Admissions

File JBD-E Student Registration Form

Jan. 2021
JBE Registration Procedures for Students Placed by Social Agencies Feb. 2014
JBF Admission for Exchange Students  

Admission for Foreign (International) Students

File JBG-R Conditions and Requirements

File JBG-E1 Foreign (International) Student Enrollment Application Form

File JBG-E2 School Reference for Foreign Students Applying for Admission

File JBG-E3 School Reference for Foreign Students Applying for Admission

File JBG-E4 Declaration

JC Assignemnt fo Students to Classes  
JCA Student Absences and Excuses  
JCB Non Lunch at School  
JCC Truancy  

Student Attendance Accounting

File JCD-E Monthly Enrollment Report

JCE Maplewood  
JD Students Rights and Responsibilities  
JDA Student Involvement in Decision Making  
JDB Student Government (Councils)  
JDC Cell Phone/Paging Device/Electronic Communication Devices  
JDD Student Use of School Facilities  
JDE School Dances  
JDF Student Photographs  
JE Student Conduct  
JEA Zero Tolerance - Operational Definition  
JEB Student Discipline  
JEC Detention of Students  
JED Probation of Students  

Suspension of Students

File JEF-E Student Suspension Report

JEG Expulsion of Students  
JEH Violent, Aggressive, or Abusive Behaviour  


File JEI-R Bullying

JEJ Gang-Related Insignia  

Weapons - Possession

File JEK-R Weapons - Posession

JEL Disruption of School Operations  

Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Use by Students

File JEM-R Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Use by Students

JEN Interrogations and Searches  
JEO Student Conduct at School Events - Off Campus  

Student Dress Code

FIle JEP-R Student Dress Code

Jun. 2015
JF Student Assistance Program  
JFA Student Insurance Program  
JFB Student Health Services and Requirements  
JFC Students with Chronic Medical Conditions  
JFD Students with Communicable Diseases Mar. 2017

Blood Borne Infections - AIDS/HIV

File JFF-R Precautions for Staff & Students Exposed to Blood/Bodily Fluid


Adminitration of Prescribed Medication and Medical Procedures

File JFG-E1 Authorization of Prescribed Medication and Medical Procedures

File JFG-E2 Individual Medication Record


Nutrition Policy

File JFH-R Nutrition Policy

File JFH-E Nutrition Policy - Guidelines Checklist


Students with Anaphylaxis

File JFI-R Anaphylaxis Avoidance Strategies


Child Abuse

File JFJ-R Child Abuse Protocol

JG Supervision of Students  
JGA Student Safety Patrols  
JH Student Volunteers for School and Public Service  

Student Records (Pupil Files)

File JI-R Student Records (Pupil Files)

File JI-E Authorization for Release of Confidential Information

JIA Transcripts of Record of Achievement  
JK Bereavement Condolences  

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