Section K: School - Community Relations

Code (Link) Title Revised
KA School - Community Relations Goals  
KAA School - Community Relations Objectives  
KB Public Information Program  
KBA Community Involvement in Decision Making  
KC News Releases  

Community Use of School Facilities

File KD-E Agreement Respecting the Use of School Facilities

Nov. 2019
KDA Emegency Use of School Facilities  
KDB Use of School Facilities by Division Personnel  

Use of School Facilities for Grief-Related Activities

File KDC-R Memorial Services for Schools

KDD Community Use of Folding Chairs  
KDE Public Conduct on School Property  
KDF Smoking on School Premises at Public Functions  
KDG Alcohol on School Premises - Public  
KE Public Solicitations in the Schools  
KEA Advertising in the Schools  
KEB Visitors/Unauthorized Persons in the School  

Public Complaints/Concerns

File KF-E Public Complaint Report


Public Complaints/Concerns About Learning/Instructional Resources/Materials

File KFA-E Instructional Material Complaint Form

KFB Public Complains/Concerns About Policies  
KG Distribution of Materials in the Schools  
KGA Relations with Parent Advisory Councils  
KGB Relations with Government Authorities  
KGC Relations with Social Service Agencies  
KGD Relations with Local City and Municipal Authorities  
KGE Relations with Political Entities  

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