School Board Trustees

  • Hélène Hoggarth (Chairperson)
  • Rod Brownlee
  • Preston Meier
  • Yvette Cuthbert
  • Hélène Hoggarth
  • Shauna-Lei Leslie
  • David Citulsky Sr.
  • Luis Luna
  • Penny Verwey

Board Chairperson: Hélène Hoggarth

Board Vice-Chairperson: Rod Brownlee

Standing Committee Chairs and Members:

Administration, Personnel, and Public Relations Committee

Chairperson - Preston Meier 

Rod Brownlee
Yvette Cuthbert
Luis Luna

Curriculum, Instruction, and Program Committee

Chairperson - Luis Luna

Penny Verwey
Shauna-Lei Leslie
David Citulsky

Business & Finance Committee

Chairperson - Murray McLenehan

Shauna-Lei Leslie
Penny Verwey
Preston Meier

Operations Committee

Chairperson - Yvette Cuthbert

David Citulsky
Murray McLenehan
Rod Brownlee

Computer & Technology Representative:  Luis Luna

Fort la Reine Museum Representative:  Hélène Hoggarth

Strategic Planning Continuance Representatives:

  • Shauna-Lei Leslie
  • Penny Verwey

Chamber of Commerce Representative:  Rod Brownlee

Public Art Committee Representative:  Murray McLenehan