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The chairman shall preside at all meetings, call the board to order at the hour appointed, and cause the business of the meeting to be proceeded with in an expedient manner. In the absence of the chairman, then the vice-chairman shall preside at the said meeting and, while so presiding, shall have all the powers of the chairman. If the chairman and the vice-chairman are absent, a chairman shall be appointed by the members present, who shall preside at the said meeting, or until the arrival of the chairman or the vice-chairman.

The chairman shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

When the chairman or other presiding officer is called upon to decide a point of order or practice, he shall give his decision and state the rule applicable to the case, without argument or comment, subject to an appeal to the board, also without debate. An appeal from the ruling of the chair shall be decided by a majority of the members present. When the ruling of the chairman is appealed, he shall have the right to state his reasons for the decision he has given, and shall then, without further debate, put the question in the following words: "Shall the ruling of the chair be sustained?".

The chairman shall declare the result of all votes and when any member shall call for a recorded vote, the names of those who voted "for" and "against" the question shall be entered upon the minutes by the secretary.

The chairman may vote with the other members on all questions, and any question on which there is an equality of votes shall be deemed to be negatived.

The chairman or any other presiding officer may express his opinion on any subject under debate, but in such case he shall leave the chair, appointing some other member to take it.

No member of the board of trustees shall be chairman of the board for more than two consecutive years.


The vice-chairman, as the chairman's deputy, shall perform on his behalf such duties as may be delegated by the chairman.

Adopted: Nov. 13/75

Revised: Dec. 22/77

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