2019-2020 Faculty


Mr. M. Harkness (Principal)

Ms. T. Mauws (Resource & Principal's Assistant)

Mrs. MacInnis (Kindergarten & Reading Recovery)

Mrs. C. Verwey (Grade 1)

Ms. D. Wing (Grade 1/2)

Mrs. M. Hauser (Grade 2)

Mrs. T. Cote (Grade 3)

Mrs. D. Olender (Grade 3/4)

Mrs. V. Mosek-Mattice (Grade 4)

Mrs. B. Baker (Grade 5)

Ms. D. Barnett (Grade 5/6)

Mr. A. Metcalfe (Grade 6)

Mr. B. Calder (Gr.1 to 6 Physical Education)

Mrs. A. Olson (Gr. K to 6 Arts Education & Gr. K Physical Education)

Mr. Martini (School Counsellor)

Ms. A. Meehan (Grade 1&2 support)

Ms. R. Giesbrecht (Outreach Facilitator)

Ms. A. Verwey (Speech Language Pathologist)

Ms. C. Mirza (School Psychologist)

Support Staff:

Mrs. S. Comeau (Librarian)

Mrs. C. Durdle (Speech/EA)

Mrs. D. Gray (Speech/EA)

Mrs. D. Rodd (EA)

Ms. D. Anderson (EA)

Mrs. Lynne Parker (EA)

Mrs. M. McLaughlin (EA)

Mrs. J. Maxwell (Secretary)

Mr. G. Ryyppo (Day Custodian)

Mr. G. Choquette (Night Custodian)