2019-2020 Faculty


Mr. M. Harkness (Principal)

Ms. T. Mauws (Resource & Principal's Assistant)

Mrs. MacInnis (Kindergarten & Reading Recovery)

Mrs. C. Verwey (Grade 1)

Ms. D. Wing (Grade 1/2)

Mrs. M. Hauser (Grade 2)

Mrs. T. Cote (Grade 3)

Mrs. D. Olender (Grade 3/4)

Mrs. V. Mosek-Mattice (Grade 4)

Mrs. B. Baker (Grade 5)

Ms. D. Barnett (Grade 5/6)

Mr. A. Metcalfe (Grade 6)

Mr. B. Calder (Gr.1 to 6 Physical Education)

Mrs. A. Olson (Gr. K to 6 Arts Education & Gr. K Physical Education)

Mr. Martini (School Counsellor)

Ms. A. Meehan (Grade 1&2 support)

Mr. A. Krynski (Grade 5&6 support)

Ms. R. Giesbrecht (Outreach Facilitator)

Ms. A. Verwey (Speech Language Pathologist)

Ms. C. Mirza (School Psychologist)

Support Staff:

Mrs. S. Comeau (Librarian)

Mrs. C. Durdle (Speech/EA)

Mrs. D. Gray (Speech/EA)

Ms. D. Anderson (EA)

Mrs. L. Parker (EA)

Mrs. M. McLaughlin (EA)

Mr. K. Calder (EA)

Mr. C. Johnston (EA)

Mrs. J. Maxwell (Secretary)

Mr. G. Ryyppo (Day Custodian)

Mr. G. Choquette (Night Custodian)