Fair Play

The Fair Play Program at Fort la Reine School has been designed as a positive attempt at teaching students ways to understand the origins and consequences of intentionally aggressive behaviors associated with the occurrences of bullying, teasing and social ostracization. It is based on the idea that education is the best tool by which such behaviors can be prevented and/or brought under control.

At Fort la Reine School, we have a strict "Hands Off" policy. This means that students are not to have physical contact with any other students at any time. This includes punching, slapping, shoving, tripping, biting, body checking, or any other form of intentionally aggressive behavior. In addition, we follow a strict code of social behavior that prohibits any form of teasing, intimidation, or ostracization.

Fort la Reine School has instituted an incentive system known as our "green ticket" or "School Spirit" draws. Through this system, students are awarded green school spirit tickets every time they are observed exhibiting a behavior that a staff member considers to be indicative of the attitudes of caring and responsibility we are trying to instill at Fort la Reine School . Actions or behaviors such as keeping our school yard clean, supporting a student who is being teased, or showing initiative in organizing school and community events are all valid activities for which a School Spirit ticket is awarded. The emphasis is not solely on school activities because we wish to impress upon our students that we are part of much larger groups in our community. Each green ticket earned by a student is dropped in a box for our School Spirit draws. There are three types of school spirit draws:

Daily Morning Draws - Each morning at the end of the announcements a green spirit ticket is drawn and a prize such as a free popcorn voucher, pencil, pencil case, etc. is awarded to that individual. This draw is to help encourage student attendance and reduce the number of students who are late to school. The prize is awarded as long as that student is present at school and was not late.

End of the Month Assemblies – At the conclusion of each month’s assembly a green spirit ticket is drawn and a prize of a video/game rental, popcorn and drink is awarded.

4 Major Prize Draws – Throughout the school year during our monthly assemblies, we also have 4 major prize draws: in September – a MP3 player, in January - a digital camera, in March - a mini home stereo system, and on our Awards Day in June - a mountain bike.

Students who exhibit behaviors or actions that are considered serious breaches of our school spirit philosophy are removed from the green ticket system and excluded from the draws. When the students begin to demonstrate the attitudes of caring and responsibility they are then eligible to be entered in the school spirit draws.

Fort la Reine School has a supply of green tickets and every staff member can award a green ticket to any student. Our only restrictions on staff members are that they are not to award green tickets to a student for doing things that are part of our normal, everyday expectations for that student, and that they not award tickets to students for actions or behaviors of which the student informs that staff member. The actions or behaviors must be noticed by the staff member independently, or by being told by another student who has not been influenced to do so by the student receiving the green ticket.