Grade 1

Grade: 1

Topic: Sharing 
Student Resource:  King of the Playground (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
Best Friends (Steven Kellogg)
I Like Me by Nancy Carlson
Bernstein Bears Get In a Fight by Stan & Jan Bernstein
Staff Resource: The Secret to Making Friends
Making Others Feel Special
Teaching Friendship Skills Primary Version

Topic: Honesty 
Student Resource: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire by Miriam Cohen
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burston

Topic: Problem Solving 
Student Resource: Bernstein Bears Get In A Fight
Best Friends by Miriam Cohen
My Name is Not Dummy (Elizabeth Crary)
Arthur's April Fool (Marc Brown)
Being Bullied (Kate Petty & Charlotte Fermin)
Frog & Toad Are Friends ( Arnold Lobel) Gr. 1 (Library)

Staff Resource: Impulse Control - Second Step Program
Video - Sunburst "Getting Better At Getting Along"
Video - We Can Work It Out

Topic: Inclusion 
Student Resource: Willy and Hugh (Anthony Browne ) Gr. 1 Library
Dandelion (Dan Freeman) - YQS
I Hate My Name (Eva Grant) - EPCS
I Miss Franklin (P. Shuckles) (Vlana Snihura)
The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle
Will I Have A Friend by Miriam Cohen
Mitchell is Moving by Mangarie Shavmat
A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan
Oliver Button Is A Sissy by Tomie de Paola

Staff Resource: Behaviors That Help Kids Have Friends (pg 17 -37)
Being A Put Downer Makes You Hard to Like (pg. 135)
Teaching Friendship Skills - Primary (Guidance Office)
Teaching Friendship Skills - Primary

Topic: Introduction to Bullying Behaviours
Staff Resource: Bullying Behavior & How To Deal With It
Video - No More Teasing (Sunburst)

Topic: Caring Others 
Student Resource: No Good In Art by Miriam Cohen
Timothy Goes To School by Rosemary wells
That's What A Friend Is by P.K. Hallinan
First Grade Takes A Test (Mariam Cohen) - Library
George & Martha (James Marshall) - Library
Frog & Toad All Year ( Arnold Lobel) Gr. 1 (Library)
Little Bear's Friend (Else Holmelund Minarik) Gr. 1 (Library)
Best Friends (Steven Kellogg)

Staff Resource:  Video - No More Teasing
Video - The Most Important Person Is Me "Getting Along With Others"
Video - A Kid: Guide to Friendship
Give A Little Help When You Can! (pg 259)
Teaching Friendship Skills - Primary
Fuzzy - Grams (pg. 297)
How To Give A Compliment (pg. 271)

Topic: Responsibility For Actions and Emotions
Student Resource: George and Martha "One Fine Day"
George and Martha "Rise and Shine"
Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber
The Quarreling Book (Charlotte Zolotow)
How To Lose All Your Friends (Nancy Carlson)
I Never Win! (Judy Delton)

Staff Resource: Video - A Rainbow of Feeling
Video - Feelings: Glad, Mad, Sad
Video - All About Anger
Video - I Can Do It: Take Responsibility
Teaching Friendship Skills
Behaviors That Keep Kids From Having Friends (pg. 59-75)
Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Coleman
Aggression Replacement Training - Goldstein Glick Gibbs

Topic: Turn Taking 
Student Resource: Bernstein Bears Get In A Fight
Staff Resource: The Secret to Making Friends (page 175)
Teaching Friendship Skills

Topic: Self Esteem 
Student Resource: Anna Banana & Me (Lenore Blegvad) Gr. 1-2 (PCS)
Arthur's Nose (Marc Tolan Brown) Gr. 1-2 (VIC, YQS, LVS)
Sometimes I Don't Like School (Paula Z. Hogan) Gr. 1-2 (LVS)
Superduper Teddy (Johanna Hurwitz) Gr. 1-2 (CVS)
What If The Teacher Calls On Me? (Alan Gross) Gr. 1-2 (NMS)
Don't Feed The Monster on Tuesdays (Adolph Moser) Gr. 1

Staff Resource: Esteem Builders (M. Barba (PERC)
Project self-esteem (S. McDaniel & A. Fisher) (PERC)
Self-Esteem (M. McKay & P. Fanning) (AMHS)

Parent Resource: The Hurried Child (D. Elkind) (PCI)