Grade 2

Grade: 2 
Topic: Responsibility For Actions and Emotions
Student Resource: George and Martha "One Fine Day"
George and Martha "Rise and Shine"
Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber
The Quarreling Book (Charlotte Zolotow)

Staff Resource: Video - A Rainbow of Feeling
Video - Feelings: Glad, Mad, Sad
Video - All About Anger
Video - I Can Do It: Take Responsibility

Topic: Sharing 
Student Resource: I Like Me by Nancy Carlson
Bernstein Bears Get In a Fight by Stan & Jan Bernstein

Topic: Self Esteem 
Student Resource: I Like Me
Anna Banana & Me (Lenore Blegvad) Gr. 1-2 (PCS)
Arthur's Nose (Marc Tolan Brown) Gr. 1-2 (VIC, YQS, LVS)
Sometimes I Don't Like School (Paula Z. Hogan) Gr. 1-2 (LVS)
Superduper Teddy (Johanna Hurwitz) Gr. 1-2 (CVS)
What If The Teacher Calls On Me? (Alan Gross) Gr. 1-2 (NMS)
The Children's Book of Virtues (William J. Bennett) Gr. 2 (pg. 9-30)
No Good In Art (Mariam Cohen) Gr. 2 (Library)

Staff Resource: Esteem Builders (M. Barba (PERC)
Project self-esteem (S. McDaniel & A. Fisher) (PERC)
Self-Esteem (M. McKay & P. Fanning) (AMHS)

Parent Resource: The Hurried Child (D. Elkind) (PCI)
Topic: Caring Others 
Student Resource: First Grade Takes A Test (Mariam Cohen) (Library)
George & Martha (James Marshall)
Frog & Toad Together ( Arnold Lobel) Gr. 2 (Library)

Topic: Problem Solving 
Student Resource:  My Name Is Not Dummy (Elizabeth Crary)
Arthur's April Fool (Marc Brown)
Being Bullied (Kate Petty & Charlotte Fermin)
A Toad For Tuesday (Russell E. Erickson) Gr. 2 (Library)

Topic: Turn Taking 
Student Resource: Bernstein Bears Get In A Fight
Topic: Honesty 
Student Resource: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire by Mariam Cohen
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burston

Topic: Introduction to Bullying Behaviours
Staff Resource:  How I Learned Not To Be Bullied