Self-Esteem Resouces

Suggested Resources on Self-Esteem


For Primary Students

Anna Banana and Me, by Lenore Blegvad School : ECVS

This story of how Anna Banana's bravery and carefree spirit holds her shy young friend in awe helps teach children about self-confidence.

Arthur's Nose, by Marc Tolan Brown School : YQS, LVS

Arthur the Aardvark's unusual appearance distresses him, since he wants to look like his friends. He thinks they would like him better if he did. He learns that his nose is part of what makes him special-an individual-and he decides to keep the nose he has.

Dandelion, by Don Freeman School : YQS

This book might be helpful for children who are truing to change themselves to please people who refuse to accept them as a friend.

I Hate My Name, by Eva Grant School : ECVS

This book considers the problems an unusual name can cause a child. This book would be appropriate for discussions about how teasing hurts.

I Never Win!, by Judy Delton School : LVS

A little boy's frustration at always losing translates into great success at the piano, because whenever Charlie loses at something he practices the piano furiously. His playing becomes his means of discovering his own worth. Children will appreciate Charlie's unexpected triumph in this beginning reader, which is also a good read-aloud selection.

Nobody's Perfect, Not Even My Mother, by Norma Simon School : LVS

This book has an array of ethnically and racially varied children and adults, many shown pursuing untraditional tasks and occupations. It helps young readers understand that everyone is good at something and that even adults fall far short of perfection. Children made anxious either by their own shortcomings or by the limitations of the adults in their lives will find reassurance in the examples of grown-ups facing everyday failures and weaknesses, just as children do.

Sometimes I Don't Like School , by Paula Z. Hogan School : LVS

Embarrassment about his poor performance in arithmetic clouds a young boy's feelings about school. Rather than confide in his parents or seek help, he desperately tries to avoid the situation entirely. However, an understanding teacher recognizes his need for help and extra practice. Once George admits his problem, he can and does take the steps necessary to solve it. The text is complemented and extended by colorful illustrations.

Superduper Teddy, by Johanna Hurwitz School : ECVS

Teddy grows in self-confidence as he fights shyness, assumes some independence, and solves problems. Many children will find much that is familiar here.

The Mixes-Up Chameleon, By Eric Carle Location: PERC

In this colorfully illustrated story of self-acceptance, the chameleon's desire to be more impressive is one any small child can share.

What if the Teacher Calls On Me?, by Alan Gross School : NMS

This story presents a familiar classroom dilemma and should be a good discussion starter. Cartoon-like illustrations add humor, while the situation remains real.


Books For Primary Students

Bernstein, S. & Bernstein, J. (1982). The Bernstein Bears get in a Fight. New York : Random House.

In this popular story, brother bear and sister bear learn that sometimes even people who love each other get in fights, and that these are normal occurrences. Library

Bernstein, S. & Bernstein, J. (1993). The Bernstein Bears and the bully. New York : Random House.

Sister Bear has trouble with a bully. Brother bear tries to help her learn coping strategies. The story has a positive outcome. Library

Brown, M. (1990). Arthur's April fool. Boston : Little, Brown & Co. LVS, ECVS, Library

Arthur's April Fool's surprise is almost spoiled by a bully.

Carlson, N. (1988). I like me. New York : Viking. Library

An appealing little book about taking care of and valuing yourself. This book would be especially helpful for victimized children.

Carslon, N. (1997). How to lose all your friends. N.P.: Puffin Books. LVS

An easy to read picture book that teaches without preaching to young children about the importance of interpersonal skills. Readers experience why no one cares to play with a child who won't share, bullies, never smiles, and whines.

Cohen, M. (1987). Liar, liar Pants on Fire. New York : Young Yearling Books. Library

A boy who is new to his class tries to fit in by bragging.

Doleski, T. (1983). The hurt. Mahwah , NJ : Paulist Press. NMS

What happens to a young boy who hides his feelings and hurt.

Henkes, K. (1991). Chrysanthemum. New York : Greenwillow Books. ECVS, FLR

A kindergarten-aged mouse is teased upon entering school because of her unusual name. The

resolution is weak, but the story in engaging and builds empathy for the victim.

Kellogg, S. (1990). Best Friends. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers. NMS, YQS, ECVS

Many themes of friendship are covered in this wonderful story: creating fantasies to be accepted, loss of a friend, renewal of a friendship, as well as compromise and sharing.

Naylor, P.R. & Malone, N.L. (1994). The king of the playground. N.p.: Aladdin Paperbacks. ECVS

Kevin, with his dad's help and encouragement, learns how to overcome his fear of Sammy, the self-appointed "King of the Playground."

Petty, K. & Firmin, C. (1991). Being bullied. New York : Barron's Books. LVS, NMS

A young school-aged girl encounters a female bully who calls her names, teases, and scribbles on her papers. She tells her mom about her problem and she gets help from her teacher, who protects her from the bully.

Zolotow, C. (1969). The hating book. New York : Harper Collins Children's Books NMS, ECVS.

A little girl knew her friend hated her but she didn’t' know why until she finally got up courage to ask why they were being so rotten to each other.

Zolotow, C. (1982). The quarreling book. New York : Harper Collins Children's Books. Library

A short story about how a quarrel can grow bigger and bigger until it hurts many people. For the youngest elementary children, this book builds an understanding of how aggression can spread unless stopped. A beginning guide to empower the caring majority.


For Teachers

Borba, M. (1989). Esteem Builders. Rolling Hills Estates, CA: Jalmar Press. PERC

McDaniel, S. & Fisher, A. (1990). Project self-esteem. Rolling Hills Estates, CA: Jalmar Press. PERC

McKay, M. & Fanning, P. (1987). Self-esteem. New York : MJF Books. EAMS


For Parents

Elkind, D. (1986) . The Hurried Child. Reading , MA : Addison-Wesley. PCI


Suggested Resources on Self-Esteem

Intermediate Version

For Teachers

Borba, M. (1989). Esteem builders. Rolling Hills Estates, CA: Jalmar Press. PERC

McDaniel, S. & Fisher, A. (1990). Project self-esteem. Rolling Hills Estates, CA: Jalmar Press. PERC

McKay, M. & Fanning, P. (1987). Self esteem. New York : MJF Books EAMS


To Read To Students

Levine, M. (1993). All kinds of minds. Cambridge , MA : Educators Publishing Services. EAMS


For Parents

Elkind, D. (1986). The hurried child. Reading , MA : Addison-Wesley. PCI


Books for Intermediate Age Students

Author  Book Location
Avi  Romeo and Juliet Together at Last  ECVS, YQS, EAMS, PCI   
Blume, J  Blubber   FLR, ECVS, EAMS   
  Iggie's House   LVS, EAMS, YQS, ECVS, NMS   
Bulla, C.R  Dexter  YQS   
   Shoeshine Girl  ECVS, LVS, FLR, OAK   
Burch, R  Almost A Hero    ECVS   
Queenie Peavy  YQS, EAMS, PCI   
Burnett, F.H  The Secret Garden   FLR, NMS, EAMS, PCI, YQS, ECVS 
Byars, B The 18th Emergency  EAMS, YQS, NMS, LVS, FLR 
  The Pinballs  YQS, PCI, NMS, EAMS, LVS, ECVS   
Cohen, B  Thank You, Jackie Robinson  EAMS   
Estes, E  The Hundred Dresses   LVS, FLR, EAMS, YQS   
Gaeddert, L.A  Your Former, Friend, Matthew LVS   
Garrigue, S  Between Friends  EAMS, YQS   
Giff, P.R  Love, From the Fifth Grade Celebrity  FLR, YQS, ECVS   
Greene, C.C A Girl Called Al   NMS, FLR, PCI   
  Ask Anybody   NMS   
Hassler, J  Four Miles to Pinecone  EAMS, LVS   
Hermes, P Friends Are Like That  EAMS, YQS   
Howe, J A Night Without Stars  EAMS 
Neville, E.C It's Like This, Cat  EAMS, LVS, OAK, YQS   
Perl, L  Me and Fat Glenda  EAMS, ECVS 
Prelutsky, J  Poems of A. Nonny Mouse  YQS, NMS 
Selden, G The Cricket in Times Square  EAMS, FLR, OAK, NMS 
Spears, E.G The Sign of the Beaver  NMS, EAMS, FLR, LVS   
Stolz, M  The Noonday Friends  FLR, OAK 


Books for Intermediate Students

Bosch, C. (1988). Bully on the bus. Seattle , WA : Parenting Press. NMS

A terrific book that allows the reader to select from different options of how to handle a bully encountered on the school bus. For example, the victim can decide to fight back or to ask a friend for help by turning to different pages to learn the outcome. Children eventually read al the options, curious to find out which one proves the most effective. Many good ideas are presented for victimized children.

Byars, B. (1981). The 18th emergency. New York : Puffin Books. Library

A 12 year old boy is tormented by the school bully for belittling him. His parents are of no help nor is his best friend, who is also frightened of the bully. Eventually he is beaten up by the bully.

Estes, E. (1944). The hundred dresses. New York : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Library

A Newberry Honor story that will touch hearts: about the humiliation that results from teasing amongst elementary-aged girls. A good story to empower the caring majority.

Nayor, P. (1991). Reluctantly Alice . New York : Atheneum. Library

Story of a seventh grade girl who is made fun of in class, tripped in the halls, and hit by flying food in the cafeteria by another girl and her cohorts. When each student in class must select someone to interview, the girl chooses the bully. The girls eventually come to know each other better and bullying stops.

Rochman, H. & McCampbell, D. (1993). Who do you think you are? Stories of friends and enemies. Boston ,MA: Little, Brown and Co. PCI

A collection of short stories about friendship-being a friend, being let down, being picked on, and being cared about. A great book for enlisting the empathy of the caring majority.

Stolz, M. (1963). The bully of Barkham Street . New York : Harper Collins Children's Books. Library

The main character in this story is the bully. He is a sixth grade boy who is the oldest and biggest in his classroom. His family rarely listens to him and often threatens to take away his only friend, his dog.


Books for Kindergarten and First Grade

The following list of books would work well for reading aloud to kindergarten and first grade students. In

addition, some first grade students and most second grade students could read these books themselves. The books that are starred are librarians' and children's favorites.

Author  Book Location
Brandenberg, F Leo and Emily  ECVS
  Nice New Neighbors  EAMS, ECVS
Briggs, R   The Snowman   ECVS, EAMS, PERC   
Burningham, J.  The Friend   LVS   
Carle, E  Do You Want to Be My Friend?  PERC, YQS, ECVS, EAMS   
Cohen, M  Best Friends    ECVS, FLR 
  Will I Have a Friend?  ECVS, EAMS, YQS, FLR   
De Beer, H  Little Polar Bear   NMS, YQS   
De Regniers, B.S.   May I Bring a Friend?   ECVS, YQS, EAMS   
Elliottare, D   Grover Goes to School   ECVS   
Erickson, R  Toad for Tuesday    FLR, NMS 
Heine, H.   Friends    ECVS   
Hoban, R.  A Bargain for Frances  ECVS, YQS   
Howe, J  I Wish I Were a Butterfly   NMS, LVS, ECVS   
Komiako, L  Annie Bananie   ECVS   
Krasilovsky, P.   The Shy Little Girl  NMS, YQS   
Lionni, L   It’s Mine   NMS, ECVS 
  Little Blue and Little Yellow   NMS   
  Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse    NMS, ECVS 
Lobel, A.  Days with Frog and Toad   ECVS, NMS, YQS   
  Frog and Toad All Year    FLR, OAK, LVS YQS, ECVS   
  Frog and Toad are Friends   LVS, YQS, FLR, OAK, ECVS   
  Frog and Toad Together    FLR, OAK, ECVS, LVS   
Marshall, E.   Fox and His Friends   OAK   
Marshall, J.  George and Martha   FLR, ECVS, LVS, YQS   
  George and Martha Encore   ECVS, LVS   
  George and Martha One Fine Day   FLR, LVS   
  George and Martha Rise and Shine   FLR, LVS   
Minarik, E.H.  Little Bear's Friend      ECVS, FLR, LVS 
Petty K. & Firmin, C.  Making Friends    LVS   
Robins, J.  Addie Meets Max    ECVS, LVS   
Sharmat, M.W   Mitchell is Moving   ECVS, FLR   
Steig, W.  Amos and Boris   OAK, YQS   
Stevenson, J.   Fast Friends   YQS   
Udry, J.M.   Let's Be Enemies   ECVS   
Waber, B   Ira Sleeps Over    FLR 
Wells, R   Timothy Goes to School  FLR   

Books for Kindergarten Through Third Grade  

The following books are great for reading aloud to kindergarten through third grade students. In addition, some second grade and most third grade students could read these books themselves. The books that are starred are librarians' and children's favorites.

Author  Book Location
Aliki   We are Best Friends  ECVS   
Browne, A.   Willy & Hugh    Library 
Bourgeois, P  Franklin's New Friend    Library 
Craig, H.   The Night of the Paper Bag  ECVS   
Delacre, L.   Nathan's Fishing Trip   ECVS, LVS 
DeLuise, D  Charlie the Caterpillar   ECVS, VIC, NMS   
Fleischman, S.  The Scarebird   NMS 
Hallinan, P.K.  A Rainbow of Friends   LIBRARY   
Henkes, K.  Chester's Way   ECVS 
  Jessica    NMS, YQS, ECVS   
Hissey, J  Old Bear   ECVS   
Hoban, R  Bet Friends for Frances    LIBRARY 
Hoff, S  Who Will be My Friends?    ECVS, LVS 
Keats, E.J  A Letter to Amy  ECVS   
  Apartment Three   ECVS   
Kellogg, S  Won't Somebody Play With Me?   ECVS, NMS   
Kessler, L   Here Comes the Strikeout   LVS, NMS, ECVS   
Komiako, L  Earl's Too cool for Me   YQS   
Krauss, R  I'll Be You and You Be Me    ECVS, EAMS 
Monson, A.M  Wanted: Best Friend    ECVS 
Reider, K.  Snail Started it!    NMS 
Snihura, U  I Miss Franklin P. Snuckles   LIBRARY 
Stevenson, J  The Worst person in the World  LVS   
Turkle, B  Thy Friend, Obadiah   ECVS   
Viorst, J  Rosie and Michael   LIBRARY   
Waber, B.  Ira says Goodbye   LIBRARY   
  Ira Sleeps Over  LIBRARY   
White, E. B.   Charlotte's Web   LIBRARY 
Whittman, S.  A Special Trade   ECVS   
Zolotow, C.   The Hating Book   NMS, ECVS   
  It's Not Fair   LVS, NMS   
  The Quarreling book   LIBRARY 
  My Friend John   NMS


Topic Bibliography for Primary Age Students  


Author  Book Location
Aliki   We Are Best Friends   ECVS   
Cleary, B.B.  Henry and the Paper Route   LIBRARY   
Cohen, M   Will I Have A Friend?   LIBRARY   
DeRegniers, B.S.  How Joe and Sam the Moose got Together    ECVS   
Hariss, D.J.   The School Mouse   LIBRARY  
Hurwitz, J. Aldo Applesauce   LVS, YQS   
Keats, E.J.  Apartment Three   EVCS   
Krasilovsky, P  The Shy Little Girl    NMS, YQS   
Leedy, L.  How Humans Make Friends   ECSS, NMS   
Minarik, E.H.   Little Bear's friend   LIBRARY 
Robinson, N.K.   Wendy and the Bullies  LIBRARY  
Stevenson, J.  Fast Friends   YQS   
Udry, J.M.  What Mary Jo Shared 

Books About BEST FRIENDS:  

Author  Book Location
Bradenberg, A.L.   We Are Best Friends   ECVS   
Burningham, J.M.   The Friend   LVS   
Haas, D.   Poppy and the Outdoors Cat    ECVS 
Hoban, R.C. .  Best Friends for Frances   LIBRARY   
Marshall, J.   George and Martha Rise and Shine   LIBRARY   
Sharmat, M.W.   Burton and Dudley   ECVS 
  Mitchell is Moving    LIBRARY 
Zelonky, J  My Best Friend Moved Away   ECVS, LVS   
Zolotow, C.S.  It's Not Fair   LVS, NMS   


Author  Book Location
Carlson, N.  How to Lose All Your Friends    LVS   
Stolz, M.S.   Maximilian's World   ECVS   


Author  Book Location
Burton , VL.   Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel   LIBRARY   
Clifton , L.  Three Wishes   CVS 
Freeman, D..  Corduroy    LIBRARY 
Hallinan, P.K.  That's What a Friend Is   LIBRARY   
Hogan, P.  I hate Boys, I Hate Girls   PCS   
  Sometimes I Get So Mad   PCS   
Turkle, B  Thy Friend, Obadiah   VIC 

Set Straight on Bullies. (1988). National School Safety Center , 4165 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 290 , Westlake Village , CA 91362 . . ECVS, YQS

An 18-minute video that presents the story of a young boy victimized by a bully. The video is designed to educate school staff and students that bullying is a problem that adversely effects everyone within a school environment if it is tolerated.

Videotapes and Films for Students

Broken Toy. (1992). Summerhill Productions, 846 1/2 McIntire Avenue , Zanesville , OH 43701 YQS

A 25-minute video that depicts a number of realistic scenarios in the life of a 12-year old boy who is ridiculed and physically assaulted at school. Not only is the home life of the victim portrayed, but the main bully's family is also depicted. While the story builds empathy for the victim, the content is dramatic. The ending, however, restores hope. The goal of this video is to build awareness and compassion in the bullies by showing them how much emotional damage their behavior can cause.
For grades 5 and up. Preview before using.

Books for Educators

Borba, M. (1989) ................... .Esteem builders. Rolling Hills Estates, CA: Jalmar Press. PERC

This self-esteem curriculum is designed for grades K-8, and presents specific ideas for improving student achievement and behavior as well as the overall school climate.