School Plan


School plans, budgets, and reports are integral components of school board planning and school-based decision-making. The plan addresses the Department, Board, and Communities/Schools priorities. In addition, it follows the school board policies and processes for school planning and reporting. This plan is the result of the involvement and contributions from Teachers, Advisory Council members, Administrators, community members, and Parents.


Partners Pursuing Quality Education


Hutterian schools are responsible for ensuring that all students have the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of a Hutterite community without having to leave their home community or compromise Colony beliefs.

bulletEducation must reflect the Judeo Christian values of Hutterite communities.
bulletCurricula must support God's law and the core beliefs of Hutterites. Any parts that do not will not be taught in Hutterian Schools.
bulletHutterite students have the right of equitable access to a quality basic education program that meets their diverse needs and those of the Hutterite colonies.
bulletAchievement of educational success is only possible when students fully participate in the programs.
bulletAll students must have strong skills in the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
bulletQuality educational programs develop the total person-social, physical, intellectual, cultural, and emotional dimensions.
bulletStudents are entitled to a safe, secure, and caring learning environment where each individual is respected, valued, and encouraged to succeed according to his ability.
bulletHigh learning expectations challenge all students to learn and achieve.
bulletEducation is an essential building block that will help to secure the future of Hutterite colonies.
bulletThe education system in partnership with the colonies must provide Hutterite society with hard working, creative, critical thinkers who can solve the problems and accomplish the tasks facing Hutterites in a complex world.
bulletSuccess in the rapidly changing, high-tech global economy requires people to be life long learners.
bulletParents, colony members, and peers must encourage their children to attain the highest possible level of education.
bulletThe success of students is the shared responsibility of students, parents, school, community, and government.
bulletParents should have opportunities for involvement in important decisions about their children's education.
bulletTeachers should have opportunities for involvement in important decisions about their students' education.
bulletEducators, parents and the public should have access to timely information about the performance and cost of the education system.
bulletThe provision of educational funding must be fair, adequate, and affordable.
bulletResources and relevant decision making should be located where education happens.
bulletThe satisfaction of students, parents and the public is critical to the success of the education system.


bulletFor Hutterian schools, the vision is successful learning for all students. This outcome is a shared responsibility among students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community. High expectations are driving forces behind this goal, and the unique Hutterite culture and religious beliefs are appreciated and taken into consideration. With student success in mind, all involved accept responsibility for effective communication, for modeling of desired behaviours, and for active participation in the school environment.
bulletFor teachers, support staff, and the community the vision is an environment built on the foundation of Judeo Christian values where everyone supports and upholds colony beliefs and values.
bulletTeaching and learning are reciprocal responsibilities. In this two-way process, both teachers and students should bring to the classroom a passion for, and commitment to, life-long learning, creativity, human respect, open-mindedness, flexibility, and an overall positive attitude. Teachers and students should feel free to communicate openly and honestly. This classroom environment fosters independence, critical thinking, and collaboration.
bulletTeachers make a unique contribution to the teaching/learning enterprise. The teacher is a professional who practices effective teaching skills and demonstrates content area expertise. The staff accepts the responsibility to actively participate as role models for student success. Teaching skills include proficiency in management, presentation, and coaching.
bulletStudents contribute to the teaching/learning experience by playing an essential role in determining their own success. Students should be self-disciplined and well rounded.
bulletHutterite parents should prepare their students for learning by instilling the value of education, and by holding them accountable for the consequences of their actions.
bulletTeachers can encourage Hutterite parents to prepare preschoolers by reading to them in English or German, thus modeling important literacy behaviours.
bulletA dynamic interaction exists between parents and the school staff. This interaction fosters parental involvement and enables parents to be partners with school staff and administrators, sharing the responsibility for the education of their children.
bulletSuccessful learning is the vision. Students who can effectively manage future challenges in a technological society will be the products of the shared efforts of the entire Hutterite community in partnership with the educational community.

bulletStudents to achieve high standards in an education focused on what students need to learn
bulletTo enable the Hutterian Schools Advisory Council to be an effective voice and support for education
bulletTo provide the necessary professional development to support the staff (professional & support) as they strive to reach the other goals
bulletTo secure the technology that will enhance student learning, and increase efficiency and flexibility of delivery
bulletTo improve communication