From the Music Room...

From the Music Room
Upcoming dates/events
April 23-24 grade 7/8 band camp in Headingly
April 30 grade 7/8 band festival in winnipeg
May 13 gr. 5/6 music trip to the symphony in Winnipeg
June 11th music concert in the gym @7p.m for grade 5-8 music classes.

This year the grade 7 and 8 bands will be attending band camp in camp Manitou, Headingly, April 23-24th. We will be using this time to prepare for our band festival at the end of April and to have fun! There are still a few spots left so sign up asap. Contact Mr. Clink for details. Total cost is $170
The Level one band festival will be held in Winnipeg April 30th at the Canadian Mennonite University, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd. All grade 7 and 8 band members are expected to attend. Students need to wear their uniform: Black shoes/socks/pants and a nice white shirt. Please have your uniform ready at this time.
The MBA Level One Band Festival (established in 2000) is one of the association's most popular events and is held each April in Winnipeg. This spring festival is geared toward our young concert bands. The festival provides students with a variety of musical experiences.  A typical sequence includes listening to two festival performances, warm up, performance, post performance adjudication/clinic, and a Band Basics session.  Total time at the festival is usually between two - three hours.
Students in Gr. 5 and 6 students will attend the Winnipeg symphony on May 13th. See for more information. Permission forms will be sent out soon.
Grade 7 and 8 band classes have practice assignments due at the end of each month. Please make sure that your son/daughter is practicing and performing for you. Check out google classroom for a copy of the assignment.
I recommend that students download the Ips app from the app store or google play. Here is the link for more information