Together with parents and community we are committed to nurturing students in a supportive, stimulating, and safe environment so that each student will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills to become a responsible citizen.

North Memorial School operates on a balanced school day.  We have three instruction blocks with two nutrition and activity breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This schedule allows fewer transitions so we have more time on task in the classroom.  Our two nutrition breaks ensure sustained nourishment throughout the day with longer activity breaks to provide adequate movement for improved health, concentration and neural devlopment.

School Day

8:15 -8:45       Breakfast

8:45                Students enter classrooms

9:00-10:30      Classroom Instruction

10:30-10:50    Activity Break

10:50-11:15    Nutrition break (with a literacy or math activity)

11:15-12:55    Classroom Instruction

12:55-1:15      Nutrition break (similar to traditional lunch hour, students go home from 12:55-1:50)

1:15-1:50        Activity break

1:50-3:30        Classroom Instruction

3:30                Dismissal