Oakville Parent Council Minutes      November 2, 2017

Meeting Opened:  6:30 pm

Present:  T. Boychuk, J. Wolfe, C. Homewood, B. Lund, K. Nikkel, D. Lamblez, C. Moffit

Absent:  J. Kehler, A. Miller, L. Garnham, E. St. Lawrence, S. Girard,

Current Balance: $2407.70

Principal Report:

1.  Terry Fox Breakfast postponed until spring 2018, due to early snowfall.
2.  Younger grades are contributing ideas for the sign across from the school (at Ken’s Auto) about safe              driving.
3.  School website is being updated.
4.  New Beginnings for Grades K – 8 went well.
5.  Changes have been made to recycling room.
6.  New dismissal for all students has been changed to 3:35pm.  New time is working well.
7.  Discussed dates for parent teacher meetings and upcoming Christmas concert.
8.  Possibility of having a teacher rep and leadership team rep attend meetings was discussed.
9.  Staff requests for support -
i)  Donation to help with a grant to bring in a short term dance instructor for the K – 8 like the  Teddy Anderson program last year. 
ii)  Possibility of fund raising to provide swings for west side of the playground. Idea was  suggested that the school first apply to the Oakville Community Grant Fund, to see if they could  assist with the purchase, which would allow council money to be spent elsewhere. Mr. Boychuk is going to fill out the paperwork to apply. 
iii) Grade 4/5 class requested funds to purchase approximately 20 yoga mats for the classroom.  Approval was granted for the funds to be provided for the purchase.

Parent Council Items:

Old Business:

1.  Parent Council - Clarified who is representative of each grade, president/vice-president/secretary.      
2.  Discussed Picture day and whether it went well following a long weekend or if it would work better on a different day in the future.  Retakes are in November.
3.  Fundraisers – Discussed Coupon Book fundraiser success, November’s Cheese Fundraiser and future events.  New options to consider are selling greeting/birthday cards, Ford Drive.
4.  Discussed whether or not there was any interest in running a canteen and/or milk program again and taco days. J. Wolfe was going to check into the feasibility of running the milk program again.
5.  Teacher Appreciation Week – November 14 – 17 & February 12 – 16.  Discussed the teachers supper and snacks for the week.
6.  Rotary’s Santa Parade of Lights – December 8, 2017.  Discussed possible themes, arranged for transportation of the float/trailer.  2000 pieces of candy were purchased already to pass out in the parade.
7.  Revisited possibility of adding a roof shelter over the school picnic tables on east side of the school. Costs of supplies, ideas for labour to build it were reviewed and will be looked into.

New Business:

1. Discussed whether parent council is for members only or open to the public (members at large). Agreed anyone in school is allowed to attend meetings, but voting is restricted to members only.
2.  Discussed idea of sending home a letter to the school about what parent council does, our role in the community.
3.  Reviewed ideas of having a community dance, movie night, offering short term, evening, fun classes for children, as done in the past.
4.   Asked if there was a chance we could receive a list of the school’s yearly goals to see how council can work along with the principal/teachers to achieve those goals.  Mr. Boychuk is going to forward J. Wolfe the school goals that were presented to the division.

Next Meeting Scheduled for 6:30 pm, January 18, 2018.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:00 pm