We're proud of our School because we believe.........

We show respect to our peers, adults, school and ourselves.
We take pride in our school, our daily accomplishments and our school work.
We attend our classes prepared and ready to work.
We help each other in class and on the playground.
We use our manners by saying "Please and Thank you"

Instructional Goals Of Oakville School

These goals are endorsed by the Board of Trustees as being relevant for students of all ages. The instructional staff, the students of Oakville School will work toward the following:

To develop skills in communication (reading, writhing, speaking, listening) and problem solving (mathematics, science) to the maximum of each students potential.
To develop a student's ability to think, reason and use information constructively and creatively.
To help a student gain of worth by developing their confidence, self-respect and feeling of pride in their own accomplishments.
To develop an attitude of respect and co-operation toward people whom we work and live and toward people of a different race, creed and culture.
To arouse student's curiosity and encourage them to explore and experiment now and in the future.
To assist the student in gaining knowledge and facts about the world in which they live.
To develop in student's those moral attitudes and values considered by our society as being consistent with good character.
To develop physical fitness and physical skills and to introduce a variety of recreational and leisure time activities.
To prepare a student for a job.
To develop in student's an appreciation of and respect for our democratic system.

The staff at Oakville School pride themselves on the open , collaborative relationship that exists between the school and the community. All school goals are developed through an inclusive process that involves administration, staff, Parent Council and Student Council.


History of Oakville School



The original school in Oakville was built in 1906 and burned down in 1959. Following the fire the current school was built, opening in 1960. Upon completion of the project the surrounding schools in the Oakville area were closed down and all the students from these schools went to the new school in Oakville.

The small country district schools operated between the following years of:

Mill Creek- 1898-1967

Beautiful Valley- 1897-1967

Elm River- 1890-1967

East Curtis- 1902-1967

Fortier- 1893-1965

Ingleside- 1894-1967

Glengarry- 1888-1960

Following the closure of Poplar Point School in the late 1990's students from that school became members of the Oakville School community.

Oakville School's Past Principals


Ruth Holliday - Oakville School Principal
1960 - 1974


Don Asham - Oakville School Principal
1974 - 1977


Dennis Shindle - Oakville School Principal
1977 - 1986


Rob Thornton - Oakville School Principal
1986 - 1999


Barry Pitz - Oakville School Principal
1999 - 2008


Graham Shindle - Oakville School Principal
2008 - 2015

Todd Boychuk - Oakville School Principal 2015 - 2020

Darryl Patterson - Oakville School Principal 2020 - Present