Course Outlines
Course outlines are a requirement for all programs in the Portage School Division and are distributed to students during the first scheduled class of each semester. Each course outline is developed according to the curriculum requirements of Manitoba Education and Training.

Report Cards
Three reports per year are sent home: November, February, and April. June report cards must be picked up from the school on the designated date. A parent-teacher conference is also held in each semester. Report cards can be picked up at parent-teacher conferences.  Those reports not picked up will be mailed out at a later date.  Please update address and phone number information with the school to ensure timely delivery of information.
Students are expected to pick up their final report card on June 26, 2014 between 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM once all books are returned and outstanding debts to the school are paid in full.

Students will be evaluated on a system of continuous evaluation as indicated on the course outline.  Final exams will be valued at 30% of the final mark.
Exemption Policy
Teachers will announce to students at the beginning of each semester those courses in which exemptions may be granted. Students who meet the following criteria may be exempt from writing the final exam in a course:

  1. have an average of 75% (Grade 9 and 10) or 70% (Grade 11 and 12)
  2. have attended classes regularly
  3. have obtained the recommendation of the subject teacher to be exempt from the exam

Note: Some departments may choose not to have exemptions or choose to have a different exemption mark than previously indicated. This will be stated in the course outline given out at the beginning of each semester. There will be no exemptions in Grade 10, 11, and 12 Math and English courses or in Grade 11 and 12 Science courses.
Cheating and Plagiarism
Any student who is involved in an act of plagiarism and/or cheating may receive 0% for the assignment or evaluation. The classroom teacher will notify the parent/guardian as to the consequences for such an action.
Students are required to address all perceived mark errors following each posting of student progress or following any reporting period directly to the teacher.
If a student chooses to appeal a final mark, the student can do so by filling out the standard appeal form available at Student Services.