Student Fees

PCI School Fee

The student fee for this year is a compulsory fee and has been set at $60.00.  Students will only be required to pay $40 of this fee as the Division is subsidizing $20.  The fee will help cover the cost of the student agenda, a school yearbook, the student phone, student council activities, and extra-curricular programs. A portion of the school fee will be used by the school to mail out report cards throughout the year.
Course Fees

Accounting 30S - $25 workbook fee
Accounting 40S - no fee if you have workbook from 30S
Art - $40 per course
Band - $120 per year instrument rental plus cost of trips
BCT - $20 per course
Choral - Workshop and trip fees
Clothing - $10 plus supplies, patterns & material for projects approx $75
Foods - $35 per course
PME - $15 per course, $25 for 2 workbooks
Hairstyling - $80 refundable kit deposit
                        $40 per year plus approx $30 field trip in spring
                        $60 for workbook in Grade 12
Hockey Academy -  $350 per course
Infant Lab - $20 user fee per year

Athletic Fees
Due to the high cost of referees and transportation, it is necessary that fees be applied to all sports. The coach of each individual sport will set the fees. These fees may be adjusted due to costs incurred.