School Policies

School Expectations
Students are to respect themselves, others, and school property.Students are to abide by the Division’s dress code.Students are to leave personal belongings (skateboards, sunglasses, etc) in their lockers.Students are not to consume food and drinks in the school’s hallways.Students are not to loiter in the hallways during classes. Students on spare may use the canteen, student lounge, a designated classroom, library, or leave the campus if they enjoy off campus privileges.Students are responsible for their own personal belongings.

An important component of citizenship is being a good neighbour. We ask all our students to respect the school and our neighbour’s properties on Dufferin Avenue, St. George Avenue, Strathcona Road, and 3rd and 7th Streets. We encourage students to make use of the school grounds as much as possible. When leaving the school students should not congregate or loiter in front of homeowners’ properties. Also, please make every effort to dispose of garbage in the receptacles that have been provided.
Student Dress Code
1.  Students are to dress in a manner that would indicate that they have pride in themselves and in their school:

  • no haltertops, tubetops, spaghetti straps, revealing clothing, muscle shirts, or strapless tops.
  • no underwear showing – tops or bottoms
  • skirts, skorts & shorts must be mid-thigh or longer; midriff is to be covered
  • no gang paraphernalia or gang-related insignia
  • no clothing with objectionable material including references to drugs, alcohol, profanity, violence, gangs, degrading others or self or other unwholesome ideas.
  • no headwear (i.e. hats, hoodies, scarves, or bandanas)
  • no outdoor clothing in the classroom
  • no heavy chains

2.  Students are also expected to dress in a manner that does not pose a health or safety hazard (i.e. warm outerwear for bus travel in winter, suitable attire for physical education and vocational classes, footwear at all times).

3.  Students who are dressed in clothing viewed unacceptable by school administration will be asked to change that clothing. Students may also be sent home.        
Students are responsible for the care of textbooks issued to them. In the case of damage or loss of textbooks, students are required to pay for the cost of replacement. Failure to do so will result in a “hold” being placed on the student’s report card and transcript. Any appeals on “holds” will be referred to the superintendent’s department.
During general assemblies all students are expected to report. All spares are cancelled.
All visitors to the school are required to report to the office.
Students in the Hallway During Class Time
While classes are in session, we request that students who are on spare report to the canteen, the library, designated areas (to be determined), or leave the campus.  Teacher supervisors are on duty in each building throughout the day.
Attendance Policy
Regular attendance is very important to the successful completion of courses at PCI. The school’s conduct code is intended to apply to concerns in the area of attendance, habitual lates, and truancy as well. Teacher action and communication with students and parents as needed, is followed by referral to school administration if required.An absence will be considered unexcused if the parent/guardian has not made contact with the school within one week of the absence.
Grade 9 & 10 Attendance

  1. Each day contact is made by phone, through the school’s Syner-voice system to notify you of your son/daughter’s unexcused absence.
  2. Five Unexcused Absences – Administration may have a conference with the student discussing the importance of attendance. A letter will be sent home informing parents that the student has reached 5 unexcused absences.  Administration may contact the parent by phone.
  3. Ten Unexcused Absences – The parent/guardian will be contacted by the administration and a letter will be sent home informing parents that the student has reached 10 unexcused absences.  The student may be required to complete an “Off Campus Outreach Package”. The student is given one week to complete the package. Upon completion of this package, and returning it to the school, the student will meet with administration, before re-entry to school. The student will only be given one re-entry opportunity per semester

Note: After attendance tracking has started, the student will be placed on a Counsellor’s caseload before reaching 10 unexcused absences. A plan for attendance improvement will be done through the Counsellor.