Student Recognition

All students are eligible for awards, bursaries and scholarships. Nominees must meet specific criteria. The presentation to award winners takes place at either in the undergraduate ceremony or during June graduation.

Honour Roll
All students who have maintained an 80% year end awards average will be named to the school’s honour roll. The awards average is calculated including the following courses for each grade level:

Grade 9 - 5 compulsory courses and 2 best electives (at that grade level only)

Grade 10 - 5 compulsory courses and 2 best electives (at that grade level only)


  1. At all grade levels, honours will be based on the average of that grades courses only.  If higher grade level courses are taken, they will be considered during that grade year.
  2. Grade 11 and 12 Physical Education will indicate a student’s standing by either a Pass or Fail and will not be included in calculating the awards average.  However, a student must receive a credit in phys ed as a condition in earning honours standing. 

The Governor General’s Medal
This medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average that includes all Grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official transcript.
Extra Curricular Recognition
Students will be recognized for their participation and excellence in school clubs, athletics, school activities and services.