Safety Regulations

A Safe and Secure Learning Environment
The Portage School Division has developed many policies in order to provide a safe, secure and caring educational environment that develops the qualities of self-esteem, creative thinking, a love for learning and a respect for self and others. Students are expected to behave in a manner that supports the goal of a safe and secure environment for fellow students, staff and others at all times, but especially while on school property when moving between school, home and at school activities.
Fire Drills
PCI will hold 10 fire drills during the school year. During the fire drills, students must file out in an orderly and quiet fashion and assemble as a class away from the school. Fire drills will generally be announced in advance.
School Evacuations
PCI has clearly defined procedures for the following emergencies:

  • school lockdown
  • fire drills
  • severe weather
  • evacuation and relocation

Procedures for evacuating the premises are posted in each classroom.
When an accident occurs, the appropriate first aid will be administered to ensure that the student is in no danger. A school representative will contact the parents. If it is necessary, the administration will determine the appropriate mode of transporting the student to professional medical care. An accident report will be filled out promptly and filed with the superintendent’s office.
Student Accident Insurance
All students are encouraged to enroll in the student accident insurance program offered by Reliable Life. Forms are available from home room teachers and the phys ed department in September. Students involved in sports are encouraged to enroll in the plan. All students who attend a school-sponsored skiing or out of province activity must have extended coverage.