Portage Collegiate Institute is located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Approx. 75 km from Winnipeg, it has a student population of over 1100. The school is rich in history and in 1994 celebrated its 100th birthday!

Portage Collegiate Institute Administration


Principal - Gregg Waldvogel,  gwaldvogel

Vice Principal - Mark Diboll,  mdiboll

Vice Principal - Rob Pehura, rpehura

Vice-Principal - Jody Budz,  jbudz

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Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for all students to achieve their full potential in a safe environment where they can develop the skills necessary to make a successful transition into society as responsible citizens.          
We believe:

  • In success for all students
  • In respect for ourselves, others, and all property
  • In celebrating the diversity of our students and staff
  • In earning respect by giving it
  • In taking ownership for our actions