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School Newsletters
School newsletters are e-mailed home to parents several times a year. Please call the main office to have your e-mail address added to the list.  The information in the newsletter is also available on the PCI Website at www.plpsd.mb.ca/pci.
Parent Advisory Council
Parent involvement at PCI is highly valued. The Parent Advisory Council offers guidance and directions to PCI’s administration team. Any parent may serve. Meetings are once a month.

Portage Collegiate Institute Web Site
Students and parents can get more information by visiting our school web site at:  www.plpsd.mb.ca/pci

The Graphic Calendar of School Activities
The calendar of activities is published every Friday in the Daily Graphic and highlights upcoming events at PCI.
The School Sign
Signage is changed on a regular basis and announces upcoming events as well as recognizing student achievements.