Registration & School Programs

Academic and Vocational Programs
Students may take courses covering a wide range of interests, learning information and skills that will serve them well in life, whether they enter the work force directly, or continue with post-secondary education.
Graduation requirements
All students who meet the provincial minimum of 30 credits will receive the Provincial Diploma. Students who attain 32 credits will receive special recognition of distinction.
Students are required to take 17 compulsory courses: English (4 credits), Mathematics (4 credits), Science (2 credits), Social Studies (3 credits), and Physical Education (4 credits). Each compulsory credit must be taken at a different grade level. Students are also required to take a minimum of 13 electives.
Student Course Load
Grade 9 students are required to have a full schedule all year. Students in Grade 10 may take one spare a year. All other students will be required to maintain an active status by being registered in a minimum of at least 3 credits per semester during any one school year. Any exceptions will require approval from an administrator.
Changing a Course
Students will receive their timetables by the end of June and may make changes to their schedule during the first week of September. The deadline for course changes is one week after the start of a new semester.
Withdrawing from Courses
Each course withdrawal requires the student complete a course withdrawal form available from one of the school’s counselors. For each course withdrawal to be finalized, the form must be filled out and include the signatures of the parent/guardian, the classroom teacher, and an administrator/counselor.
Students who wish to drop a course must do so three weeks prior to the exam week.  After these dates, all final marks for courses will appear on the student’s report card.
Off Campus
Off-campus privileges must be recognized as being a privilege and not a right. Off campus privileges do not apply to Grade 9 students other than at lunch.