Student Services

Student Services Team
The student services team is composed of an administrator, resouce teacher, and counsellor at each grade level.
School Counselors
The Counseling Centre is an important area in our school. Counselors are available to help with personal problems, course choices, career information and occasionally group guidance in specific classes. Students may drop in or make an appointment.
Resource Centre

The resource teachers offer a wide range of services that provide academic supports as requested and/or required that are suited to individual needs of students in an effort to provide the most appropriate learning experience for students.  Supports may include a short term intervention program to supplement classroom practices, individual assistance with assigned work, an alternative work space, adaptive equipment, alternative formats, academic planning support, study skills and strategies for organization.

AFM Counselor
Portage Collegiate Institute is a member school of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba’s Rural and Northern Youth Intervention Strategy. The main aims of the program are to provide assessment, counseling and referral services for students whose use of alcohol or other drugs is of concern to them or others. The A.F.M. worker has an office in the Teen Clinic.
School Psychologist
A psychologist is available for assessment and counseling.
Student Assistance Program
Our goal is to create a safe, caring, nurturing, and healthy environment for all students. We recognize that some students have personal issues that affect their functioning in the school environment. To this end, we believe students should be encouraged to and facilitated in seeking assistance on these issues. As part of accomplishing this goal, a Student Assistance Program will provide a confidential, structured and organized approach to offer assistance to students troubled by academic, physical, emotional, social, legal, educational, sexual, medical, familial, or chemical issues. It is also the intent of the Student Assistance Program to work, cooperatively, when appropriate, with parents/guardians. Community resources will also be used as necessary to assist in the resolution of student problems. This policy does not alter or replace existing administrative policies.
Spectrum Program – Rainbows
Spectrum is a school-based peer support program for adolescents who have experienced a painful transition within their family including divorce/separation, death, serious illness or other significant loss.  Support groups comprised of three to five students and a qualified caring adult will meet for twelve weekly sessions and conclude with a wrap-up day.
Teen Clinic
The Teen Clinic, which is located in the Prince Charles Building, provides youth with a one stop access to primary health services and health promotion related to teen health.  Services are provided by a nurse practitioner, public health nurse, mental health worker, dietitian, and other health care providers.
Career Education
PCI is committed to providing students with comprehensive career awareness/planning program. Students have opportunities to explore their personal strengths and interests regarding careers through the following forums:
Career Centre: The Career Centre centralizes and distributes career and post secondary information to our students. The Centre is managed by one of our counselors and an educational assistant who assist students in their career/post secondary planning.