Course Selections

How to Select Your Courses for Next Year:

In late spring, students will be able to submit their course selections for the following school year through Each student at PCI has a myBlueprint account and students can log in to see their high school planner for Grades 9-12. In April, information will be shared with students through presentations to explain the courses required for graduation, as well as course options. Course selections will then be opened for students to select their required courses and courses of interest. Students will be given a timeline, and after they have had an opportunity to submit their choices, course selection will be closed. At this time, the PCI Administration will start building the timetable for next year.

May 5, 2020: PCI's online course selection is officially open for 2020-2021! Stduents can log into their account and complete course selections by May 16, 2020. The course selection PowerPoint Presentations for each grade level can be accessed in the student's grade level Google Classroom for more information, or click on the links below:

2020-2021 - Grade 9 Students - Course Planning

2020-2021 - Grade 10 Students - Course Planning

2020-2021 - Grade 11 Students - Course Planning

2020-2021 - Grade 12 Students - Course Planning

Please contact your child's guidance counsellor if you have any questions: (replace the at with an @ for email)

Current Grade 8's - Mrs. Kim Tooth - ktooth at

Current Grade 9's - Ms. Lori Wood - lwood at

Current Grade 10's - Mrs. Dana Pruden - dpruden at

Current Grade 11's - Mrs. Marie Bertholet - mbertholet at