Fine and Performing Arts


Visual Art 10S
The main objective of this course is to encourage creativity in students while building on basic skills in art. Students will continue to develop their abilities through the introduction of art elements and principles. Students will be taught basic skills in pencil drawing, colored pencil, painting, ink and sculpture.

Visual Art 20S
Students will continue to develop their skills learned in Art 10G. It is a goal of this course to have students experiment with new techniques, methods and media such as observation drawing, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylics, ink and sculpture.
Previous art classes are strongly recommended.

Visual Art 30S
Students will refine their abilities
established in the 20G program. Students will explore areas of interest and develop new skills in a variety of media. They will also be introduced to techniques such as printmaking and mixed media work. Previous art classes must be taken to enroll in this course.

Visual Art 40S
Students will explore their own areas of interest and develop a portfolio of work meeting University of Manitoba School of Art Program criteria. They will generate artist statements and a letter of introduction to the School of Art Program. Previous art classes must be taken to enroll in this course.

Clay 30S
Students will learn basic skills in clay including preparation of a clay body by wedging. Hand building techniques will include pinch, coil and slab work. Students will properly polish and glaze all project work. No prior clay experience needed.

Clay 40S
Students will further develop hand building skills through a variety of advanced project work. Students will also experience wheel throwing at this level. Clay 30S must be taken previously to enroll in this course.


Drama  (DRI 11G/20S/30S/40S)

Drama is a progressive series of experiences in the performance, production, historical and technical aspects of theatre leading to possible further studies.

Prerequisites Students are encouraged to follow the four levels in order, although special permission may be granted with evidence of equivalent experience.

Areas of Focus
Grade 9 - Basic Skills, Theory, Intro to Performance
Grade 10- Theatre Processes, Genres, Improvisation
Grade 11- Script-Writing, Production, Portfolios
Grade 12- Audition and Performance

MUSIC - PCI Band Program Webpage

BAND BAN 10S/20S/30S/40S

Students will continue to work on technique and tone production on their instruments. Students will develop musical skills and an appreciation for music through the rehearsal and performance of repertoire. Participation in rehearsals and performances is required to succeed in the course. Previous band experience is highly recommended

Jazz Band  JAB 10S/20S/30S/40S

Students will study musical style, rhythms, expression, improvisation, and individual rolls within the context of Jazz Band repertoire. Students will have many solo opportunities. Students in Jazz 10G or Jazz 20G must also be in concert band.

Music Choral  CHR 10S/20S/30S/40S

Students will develop vocal and ear training skills, study various vocal genre’s, and learn vocal ensemble techniques through the preparation and performance of vocal repertoire. Previous choral experience is not necessary.

Vocal Jazz  VOC 20S/30S/40S

In addition to the goals of the Music Choral courses, vocal jazz focuses on the harmonies and rhythms found in vocal jazz music.  Students in this course must be confident singers with previous choral expereince.

GUITAR (10S/20S) Fee $20 Students will use chording and picking techniques to play melody, harmony, and improvise on classical guitars. Students will play a wide range of styles in various group settings.