Physical Education

Physical Education


Physical Education F10F (PEF10F)
Physical Education M10F (PEM10F)
Physical Education F20F (PEF20F)
Physical Education M20F (PEM20F)
Physical Education 30F (PED30F) (Active Healthy Lifestyles)
Physical Education 40F (PED40F) (Active Healthy Lifestyles)

Physical Education/Resistant Training Co-ed (PER30F)

Physical Education/Resistant Training Co-ed (PER40F)

Hockey Academy HOC11G

Hockey Academy HOC21G

Hockey Academy PEH30F

Hockey Academy PEH40F

Basketball Academy PEB30F

Basketball Academy PEB40F

Volleyball Academy PEV30F

Volleyball Academy PEV40F

Physical Education PED10/20/30/40FF (FRENCH IMMERSION)

The aim of the Physical Education program is to develop the students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles daily. The vision is physically active and healthy lifestyles for all students daily.

Content is organized within the following five general learning outcomes:
1. Movement
2. Fitness Management
3. Safety
4. Personal and Social Management
5. Healthy Lifestyles Practices
In PED10F and PED20F students will be graded by percentage and will receive a mark in that form based on daily activity and Health. 
In PED30F and PED40F students will be graded with a Complete or Incomplete designation based on daily activity and Health.