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Message from the AFM School Based Counselor:

Setting limits with your teen can play an important role in influencing their choices and behavior with re-
gard to alcohol and other drug use. The following provides helpful tips when it comes to setting limits:
• Set clear rules around drug use – ensure the message is consistent over time, and both parents com-
municate the same message. Have your teen participate in setting limits and ask them to tell you in their
own words what the limit means.
• Make sure limits are appropriate. Some things to consider when setting limits include the age of your
child (older teens may be involved in the limit setting process), trust (if past behaviors have diminished
trust there is often less freedom), basic needs (we all have needs for privacy, and to socialize with friends).
• Limits must be enforceable. Once a limit is set, it is important to follow through and monitor that the lim-
it is followed. A consequence should follow when limits are broken. Limits and consequences must be en-
forced consistently in order to be effective.
• Following through with limits and consequences can teach your teen to be responsible when it comes to
AOD use, and promote healthy choices in the future.
If you suspect that your young person is using and would like further support or information, please contact Brenda Miller-Adams @ Teen Clinic 204-857-6843 Ext. 11607



AFM services at a reduced level will be available July and August in PCI Teen ClinicContact Brenda Miller - Adams @ (204) 857-6843 Ext. 11607

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Voicemail will inform you of dates the counsellor is in or to check calendar of counsellor availability for July and August



Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM)

The Portage la Prairie School Division offers school-based counselling services for students of Portage Collegiate Institute. 

The goals of the partnership between AFM and Portage Collegiate are:
• To encourage the early identification and referral of students experiencing problems related to their alcohol/other drug or gambling involvement
• To prevent students from becoming harmfully involved in alcohol/other drugs or gambling
• To assist and support students affected by the alcohol/other drug or gambling involvement of people close to them

To meet with our AFM counsellor, please contact:

Brenda Miller-Adams
Addiction Counsellor
Phone: 204-857-6843 Ext. 11607


Services of AFM are private and confidential                   

AFM Services for Parents: