Special Interest/Web CT

Blue Prints For Life/Work Design

This course helps the student develop a career life plan. With the accelerating workforce changes and impending skills shortages it is vital for the students to understand their goals and enable them to clarify and measure the outcomes they are striving to achieve.

Career Development (CDV10S/20S/30S/40S)

Provides students with the opportunity to earn up to 8 credits (max. of 4 a year) in doing a practical work experience in jobs, work sites and business of your choice.  Explore careers you always wanted to try and get credit for it. Courses at the S2-3-4 level.

Applied publishing (YEARBOOK) (app21/31/42g, 1/2 credit)

The goal of Applied Publishing course is the completion of the school yearbook.  Students will work gathering information, pictures, graphics and other materials.  Using desktop publishing software students will help in the construction, layout and design of the yearbook.  Some previous computer exprience is a definite asset when taking this course.

PCI Hockey academy  (HOC11G, 21g, 31G, 41G)

The Portage la Prairie School Division in conjunction with Hockey Canada are pleased to announce that they will be offering a Hockey Skills Academy at Portage Collegiate Institute beginning September 3, 2013.

The academy is designed to supplement existing programs within the community through the development of individual skills and tactics.  All students, male and female registered at Portage Collegiate Institute will be eligible to participate in the program. It is designed for all skill levels and students will obtain a high school credit upon completion.

Web CT

Web CT  is  an  internet based alternative instructional environ-
ment where students participate in online learning experiences to
achieve credits in high school courses.
A teacher will deliver course material over the internet, in which
students will be required to engage in regularly, using a computer
from home or in a designated area of the school.  The teacher will
set the pace at twhich the course is to be completed, however stu-
dents will have some fl exibility in their schedule. (ie. they may do the work in the evening or on weekends.)

Web CT works well for students:

* who enjoy learning through the use of technology
* who have scheduling conflicts
* who may have to take a post secondary course online
* who need to leave school for extended periods of time
   (eg. athletes who often leave for games in the afternoon)

The following courses will be offered by WEB CT: