Business Education - Grade 9

Business 15g/25g (bus 15g/25g)

Business 15G/25G are two half-credit courses that can be used as a Business Education option to acquire a Technology Education Diploma in Marketing.

The goals of this course are:  to provide options for future planning in business/entrepreneurship, to promote effective business communication skills, to reinforce the importance of keeping accurate records, to analyze ethical situations, and to understand the concepts of international business and governmental influence on economies.

Business Education/Marketing

Retailing 20S (RET20S)

Retailing 20S provides a basic introduction to the skills and practices required in job-entry level positions in retail merchandising. The course is appropriate to a wide range of abilities, and, as such, is useful as an overview of marketing for all interested students. Retailing 20S provides vocational preparation both for students seeking part-time and full-time retail employment.

In addition to covering material in the textbook, Retailing students work in the school store, Locker to Locker, during the noon hours.
Locker to Locker provides a service to the students and staff by selling products in four department areas: Confectionery, School Supplies, Sportswear and Miscellaneous. Grade 10 Retailing students work under the  supervision of Grade 12 Marketing students. Here they get practical experience in all aspects of working for a small retailing business.

Relations in Business  (BRL30S)

This course deals with relationship concepts that would be of special interest to marketing students in their study of people- centered activities. The course not only deals with interpersonal relationships on the job, but also with special relationships between employer-employee, employee-employee, salesperson-customer and vendor-buyer. In addition, the topics dealing with communication skills and personality help to make the course valuable to any student in the school. Students may be scheduled to work in the school store, if needed, in order to have the store open in more blocks during the day. Students may also be assisting in window displays in a semester where Promotions is not offered.

Promotions 30S (PRO30S)

Promotions 30S is designed to help students develop skills in the theoretical and practical applications of projects related to assessing needs, catering to appeals and meeting needs through advertising, display, personal selling and special activities. In addition to covering material in the textbook, Promotion students are responsible for creating window displays for Locker to Locker and may have the option of working in the school  store.

Management 40S  (MAN40S)

Management 40S introduces students to leadership principles and practices in the management cycle of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. As such, the course provides a systematic approach to handling routine activities, problem solving in business and personal life and is suited to any student.

Marketing Practicum 40S (MAR 40S)

Marketing Practicum provides job preparation in the school store, Locker to Locker. Students manage the store, performing all tasks including housekeeping, ordering, store stocking,  pricing, training and supervising Retailing workers as well as maintaining financial records for the store.
Prerequisities: Management 40S (concurrently) plus 2 other marketing courses.

Business Education Certificate with a Major in Marketing
Students who complete all 5 courses above are eligible for a Business Education Certificate with a Major in Marketing

Technology Education Diploma  in Marketing
Students who complete all 5 of the above Marketing courses as well as any 3 of the following course will be eligible for a Technology Education Diploma in Marketing.

Business 15G/25G, Introduction to Interactive Digital Media, Print Production 30S, Law 40S Production Art 30S, Introduction to Digital Media 10S, Accounting Principles 30S, Accounting Systems 40S

Accounting (ACC 30S/40S)

Senior 3 Accounting Principles introduces students to the standard principles and concepts that govern the practice of accounting and Senior 4 Accounting Systems focuses on accounting for a merchandising business and converting manual accounting records to computerized accounting systems. It builds on and expands accounting principles and concepts introduced in Senior 3 Accounting Principles. Topics covered provide a basis for further accounting studies.  At some point technology such as Simply Accounting is used during the program.

Topics in Accounting

Accounting Principles (30S)                     
A senior 2 Math Credit is required              
Basic Concepts                                       
Accounting Process                                
Cash Control                                           
Payroll Accounting and Income Tax       
Computerized Accounting                     
Accounting Systems (40S)                                                         
Accounting Principles 30S Required                                                                
Merchandise Accounting
Inventory Systems
Computerized Accounting
Accounting for E-commerce
Adjusting Entries
Completing the Accounting Cycle
Financial Statement Analysis
Computerized Business Applications