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The PCI Teen Clinic is located on the Portage Collegiate Institute campus. There are a variety of health services available for youth and young adults, ages 12-21, from the Portage la Prairie area.

Phone: 204.857.6843 ext. 11609
Cell: 204.870.0689

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (in Teen Clinic)

Call: 204.857.6843 ext. 11607

The PCI Teen Clinic provides an exciting opportunity for youth to begin the process of taking responsibility for their health care decisions in a safe, confidential environment. With the ability to consent to or refuse care and treatment, youth are encouraged to develop a proactive approach to their health needs.

Services available through the PCI Teen Clinic are comparable to a walk-in clinic, with additional supportive disciplines involved. We are staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, Public Health Nurse, Dietitian, AFM Counselor, and Mental Health.

Services provided include:

  • Complete physicals and various medical exams
  • Treatment of minor acute injuries and illness
  • Minor procedures
  • Bloodwork and specimen collection
  • Help with STI questions, concerns, testing and treatment
  • Reproductive health
  • Immunizations
  • Help and information on anxiety, depression
  • Help and information with parenting and healthy relationships
  • Information and counseling on nutrition and eating habits
  • Information and counseling about alcohol or drug use
  • Resources and classroom presentations on a variety of health topics
  • Health promotion
  • Confidential and accessible services
  • Referrals to other health professionals or specialists when necessary

For any questions or concerns, please contact a care provider.


Tel: 204.856.2051 Public Health Nurse
Tel: 204.856.2055 Dietitian


Dietitian Services

School Nutrition Newsletter April 2020

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Nutrition Bits and Bytes

Mindful Eating Nutrition School Newspaper

Registered Dietitians are essential members of the health care team.

Dietitian services are available in a safe and confidential environment at Teen Clinic every 2 and 4th Wednesday.

Dietitians can help you improve your nutritional health by providing individual nutritional counseling or facilitating
group visits on various nutrition related topics, which may include:

Balanced Eating and Portion Control
Reading Nutrition Labels
Meal Planning
Healthy Cooking
Healthy Relationship with Food

For any questions or concerns, please contact
the Teen Clinic 204 857 6843 ext 11609.

Alternate location to see a Dietitian:
Community Health Services

Portage Clinic 140 9th Street
Portage la Prairie, MB
R1N 3V5
Tel: 204 856 2055

Dial a Dietitian

Do you have a nutrition question and don’t know who to ask? Would you like to see a registered
dietitian in your community for nutrition counseling, but don’t know where to go? Call
Manitoba’s Dial a Dietitian hotline to find out where you can see a registered dietitian and get
answers to your food and nutrition questions.

Call 1 877 830 2892 to speak to a Registered Dietitian and receive personal, professional and free nutrition information.

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