Student Services Department

The staff of the Student Services Department of the Portage la Prairie School Division provides specialized clinical services to students throughout the Division, as well as generalized supports to our administrators, teachers, educational assistants and parents.  Our primary role is to support our students in taking full advantage of the educational opportunities provided by the Portage la Prairie School Division.


The general objectives of the Student Services Department include:

  • Providing clinical services to meet the diverse needs of students
  • Assisting school teams in guiding and supporting the programming and planning for all students
  • Working closely with parents and school personnel to identify, assess and intervene to support students with speech and language difficulties, social/emotional problems and other learning difficulties
  • Promoting both an awareness and understanding among teachers and parents of the difficulties experienced by students through the provision of workshops, consultation and special programs
  • Working cooperatively with local agencies and community groups to establish effective community-based supports for students
  • Promoting prevention programs both within the school and at a community level


The Student Services Department supports the students, staff, and parents of the Portage la Prairie School Division by providing a variety of specialists. 

The Division employs:

If you feel that your school-aged child requires the services of one of these professionals, you can consult with the Resource Teacher at your child’s school.

Guidance Counsellors are also assigned to all Portage la Prairie School Division schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Portage School Counsellors’ Association also includes: Division Psychologists and Addiction Foundation of Manitoba Counsellors. Together, they organize programs with the Division to help foster the growth of all children.


I Instructional Program

IFD:  Programs for Students with Special Needs
IFF:  Individual Education Plans
IHA:  Early Identification

J Students


Appropriate Educational Programming in Manitoba:  Standards for Student Services (2006)


ONLINE SUPPORT international non profit organization committed to helping children and teens grow and grieve after loss) (Positive Parenting resources) (Tupper Street Family Resource Centre) (telephone and online counselling for farmers, rural and northern Manitobans) (Friendship Centres) (MB Public Health) (Crisis line numbers) (Anxiety Information Website) (Child & Family Services) (For the Sake of the Children) (Family Abuse Prevention Centre) (Roots of Empathy) (Manitoba Suicide)