Literacy Coaches

The Literacy Coaches support and work collaboratively with principals and teachers to improve the literacy achievement of all students.

The support and collaboration may include:

  • Demonstrations, one-on-one coaching, professional learning groups, or grade groups
  • Providing content knowledge and resources about learning and teaching literacy including teaching strategies, assessment techniques, assessment of reading skills, interpretation of assessment results, and classroom routines and practices that promote literacy
  • To work with teachers to improve their evaluation measures of students' achievement
  • Research and prepare materials and information regarding a range of effective and innovative literacy practices through various activities including professional development workshops
  • Developing monitoring and evaluating school literacy plans and initiatives

Sandi Shaw-Lyons can be contacted at:
Fort la Reine School
36 13th Street NW
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2T5
T: 204-857-7687 ext. 409
F: 204-239-5740
E: sshawlyons at plpsd dot mb dot ca

Jennifer Adamson can be contacted at:
La Verendrye School
500 7th Avenue NW
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0A5
T: 204-857-3478 ext. 340
F: 204-239-5927
E: jadamson at plpsd dot mb dot ca

James Kostuchuk can be contacted at :
Portage Collegiate Institute
65 3rd Street SW
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2B6
T: 204-857-6843 ext.1075
F: 204-239-5905
E: jkostuchuk at plpsd dot mb dot ca



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