At present there are four psychologists in the school division. The role of the psychologist is to:

  • Assess students’ cognitive, behavioural and social-emotional development and identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine students’ processing and learning strategies and identify teaching interventions that can improve their learning
  • Support and collaborate with school teams to develop and implement effective intervention plans that address behavioural, emotional, social and /or educational needs of students
  • Consult with parents, school staff, and other service agencies regarding their concerns about students’ mental health needs and provide information on specific mental health issues
  • Conduct risk assessments for students who may be a danger to themselves or others


Kelsey Aberdeen: North Memorial School, La Verendry School and 8 Hutterian Schools
Maxine Mutcher: École Arthur Meighen School, École Crescentview School
Melanie Caister: Oakville School, Portage Collegiate
Carly Mirza: Fort la Reine School, Yellowquill School, Brennan School and Westroc School


The School Psychologists can be contacted at:
P: 204-857-7861
F: 204-239-5994


Student Services Staff:
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