Resource Teachers

Resource Teachers assist school teams and parents in accessing supports for students.

École Arthur Meighen School – Tammy Pierrepont / Lindsae Goertzen
École Crescentview School – Jamie Blyth
Fort la Reine School – Tanis Mauws
Hutterian Schools – Tannis Andrich
La Verendrye School – Faye Maly
North Memorial School – Heather Brown
Oakville School – Paula Mellen
Portage Collegiate Institute:
    Grade 9: Angela Mills
    Grade 10: Charlotte Mason
    Grade 11: Darren Reichert
    Grade 12, Pre-Employment Program: Marie Bertholet
Yellowquill School – Megan Sloik, Traci Turko, Andrew Duykers







Student Services Staff:
Director of Student Services
Strategic Initiative Learning Coordinator | English as an Additional Language Consultant
Psychologists | Mental Health Facilitator | Speech-Language Pathologists | Occupational Therapist
Literacy Coaches | Numeracy Coach | French Immersion Coach | Technology Coach
Career Development Coordinator | Indigenous Academic Achievement Facilitator | Outreach Facilitators
Resource Teacher | Guidance Counsellors | Addiction Foundation of Manitoba Counsellors