Strategic Initiative Learning Coordinator

Lisa Shackleton is the Strategic Initiatives Learning Coordinator for the Division. Her role is to provide leadership and direction to all aspects of curriculum development and implementation including instruction, program delivery, student assessment and reporting practices. She supports and works collaboratively with principals and teachers to improve the achievement of all students.

The general duties of the coordinator include:

  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent with long-range divisional planning in the areas of curriculum implementation and instruction. Assist in the coordination and development of student assessment policies and reporting practices
  • Coordinate and monitor provincial assessment training and collection of divisional data related to the Provincial Assessments and Early Development Inventory
  • Communicate current research regarding a range of effective teaching and assessment practices through: reports at monthly administrative council meetings, resource/student services meetings, various committee meetings, or as requested at staff meetings, or by individual teachers
  • Liaise with Manitoba Education and Advance Learning, in order to readily locate information and resources for administrators and teachers in the areas of curriculum and assessment. Represent the school division on provincial committees in the areas of curriculum and assessment as requested
  • Develop, plan and monitor local and provincial grants: Middle Years Experiential Learning Grant, Basic French, Numeracy Grant, SmARTS and others as assigned
  • Coordinate and/or deliver Professional Learning Opportunities for staff in the assigned grant areas and the Division Strategic Plan as they relate to curriculum and assessment
  • Provide support and direction to resource teachers at monthly meetings in the areas of URIS, differentiated instruction practices, available resources, and assessment and reporting for students with special needs
  • Coordinate training for teachers in URIS
  • Meet with publisher representatives to stay current with curriculum materials and resources. Assist teachers and administrators in material and resource selections as requested

Lisa Shackleton can be contacted at:
P: 204-857-7861 ext. 177
F: 204-239-5994
E: lshackleton at plspd dot mb dot ca


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