Policy Manual Index

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School Division Legal Status

  • File AA-E1 Order of the Minister of Education Re: Proposal to Form the Portage la Praie School Division No. 24
  • File AA-E2 Order of the Minister to Establish the Portage la Prairie School Division No. 24
  • File AA-E3 Order of the Minister Declaring the Portage la Prairie School Division No. 24

Boundaries and Wards of School Division

  • File AAA-E1 Manitoba School Divisions Map
  • File AAA-E2 School Division Map
  • File AAA-E3 Winnipeg School Divisions
AB The People and Their School Division  
ABA The Name "Portage la Prairie"  
ABB The Portage la Prairie School Division Logo  
AC Purpose and Mission Statements  
ACA Values Statement  
ACB School Division Goals and Objectives  
AD Non-Discrimination  

Respect for Human Diversity

  • File ADA-R Respect for Human Diversity - Definitions
Apr. 2014
AE Code of Conduct  

Behavioural Policy

  • File AF-E Harassment Documentation and Complaint Form
  • File AF-R Dealing with Harassment

Violence Prevention

  • File AFA-R Violent Incident Report Form
AG Commitment to Accomplishment  
AGA Accomplishment Reporting to the Public  
AH Supervision and Evaluation  
AI Smoke Free Environment  

Indigenous Education

AIE-R - Appendix Smudging Permission Form, Information and Location

Jan. 2020
AJ Drug Free Schools  
AK Canadian Flag Protocol  

Part 1: Governance and Operations

Code (Link) Title Revised
BA Board Operational Goals and Objectives  
BAA School Board Legal Status  
BAB School Board Power and Duties  
BB School Board Elections  
BBA Board Officers  
BBB Board Staff Officers  

Board Organizational Meetings

  • File BBC-E Organizational Meeting Agenda

Board Committees

  • File BBD-E Board Committee Report Form

Oath of Office

  • File BBE-E Schedule D Form 1

Board Member - Conflict of Interest

  • File BBF-E1 Disclosure of Interest of a Member of the School Board
  • File BBF-E2 Disclosure of Personal Interests
BC School Board Meetings Nov. 2017

Board Meeting Procedures

File BCA-E Parliamentary Procedure - At A Glance

BCB Duties of the Chair of the Board  
BCC Duties of the VIce-Chair of the Board  
BCD Notifications of Board Meetings  
BCE Special and Emergency Board Meetings  
BCF Agenda Format  
BCG Agenda Preparation and Dissemination  
BCH Quorum  
BCI Rules of Order  
BCJ Parliamentation  
BCL Voting Methods  
BCM By-Laws  
BCO Electronic Use, and Electronic Participation at Board Meetings  
BD Public Attendance at Board Meetings  

Procedures for Hearing Delegations

  • File BDA-E Procedures for Hearing Delegations Form
  • File BDA-R Procedures for Hearing Delegations
BDD News Media Services at Board Meetings  
BDE School Board Representation on Divisional or Community Organizations or Committees  

Policy Development System

  • File BE-E Request for Change to Policy Manual
BEA Policy Adoption  
BEB Policy Desemmination  
BEC Suspension of Policies  
BED Policy Review and Evaluation  
BEE Policy Manual Accuracy Check  
BEF Procedures for Handling Possibly Controversial Issues  
BF School Board Work Sessions and Retreats  
BFA Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures  

Part 2: Board Members

Code (Link) Title Revised
BG Board Member Qualifications  
BGA Board Member Authority  

New Board Member Orientations

  • File BGB-E1 New Board Member Information Package
  • File BGB-E2 New Board Member Orientation Session
BGC Board Member Professional Development Opportunities  
BGD Board Member Visitation to Classrooms  
BGE School Board Member Ethics  
BGF Board Member Compensation and Expense Reimbursement  
BGG Board Member Insurance  
BGH Board Member Resignation  
BGI Board Member Removal from Office  
BGJ Unexpired Term Fulfilment  
BGK Trustee Code of Conduct
  • File BGK-P Trustee Code of Conduct - Protocol

Code (Link) Title Revised
CA Administration Goals  
CAA Division/School Administration Objecives  

Organizational Chart

  • File CB-E1 PLPSD Organizational Chart
  • File CB-E2 General Division School Administration
Dec. 2021
CC Superintendent/Secretary-Treasurer  
CD Assistant Superintendent of Schools  
CDA Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent(s)  
CDB Superintendent(s) Contract  
CDC Superintendent(s) Development Opportunities  

Evaluation of the Superintendent(s)

  • File CDD-E1 Evaluation of the Superintendent(s) Observation Form
  • File CDD-E2 Superintendent Evaluation Observation Form
May 2013
CE Senior Administration and the Administrative Council  
CF Time Schedule - School Division Office  
CFA Board Office Staff - Vacation Guideline  
CG School Administration  
CGA School Administration - Time Allocations  
CGB Special Program Administration  
CH Development of Administrative Regulations  
CHA Board Review of Administrative Regulations  

Code (Link) Title Revised
DA Fiscal Management Goals and Priorities  
DB Secretary-Treasurer  
DBA Secretary-Treasurer Position Summary  
DBB Evaluation of the Secretary-Treasurer  
DC Annual Operating Budget  
DCA Budgeting System  
DCB Fiscal Year  
DCC Budget Deadlines and Schedules  
DCD Divisional Budget Planning Process  
DCE School Budgets  
DD Provincial Funding  
DDA Innovative and Special Grants  
DDB Tax and Debt Limitations  
DDC Use of Surplus Funds  

Charitable Donations

  • File DDD-R Charitable Donations Guidelines
DE Schools Funds Accounting  
DEA Fundraising  
DEB Canteens  
DF Depository of Funds  
DG Authorized Signatures  
DH Bonded Employees and Officers  
DI Inventories  
DIA Insurance Management - Property and Transportation  
DJ Audits  


  • File DK-R Purchasing

Nov. 2020

DKA  Petty Cash Accounts  

Disposal of Surplus/Obsolete Equipment

  • File DKB-E Authorization for Transfers and Disposals
DKC Sales Calls and Demonstrations  
DL Payment Procedures  
DLA Honorariums  
DLC Salary Deductions  

Expense Reimbursements

  • File DLD-E1 Expense Voucher
  • File DLD-E2 Trustee Expense Claim
  • File DLD-E3 Travel Claim
  • File DLD-E4 Trustee Meeting Conference Voucher
  • File DLD-E5 Professional Development Request for Reimbursement
DLE Cash in School Buildings  
DM School Properties Disposal  
DN  Electrical Service - Car Heaters  

Fee Schedule for Day Cares and Pre-School

  • File DO-E Lease Agreements

Special Budget Allocations

  • File DP-E Financial Support for Special Student Activities Application
DQ Provincial Competitions Funding Guidelines  

Part 1: General

Code (Link) Title Revised
EA Operational Goals  
EAA Operations Objectives  
EAB Supervisor of Operations  

Workplace Safety and Health

  • File EB-R Workplace Safety and Health
EBA Providing for a Safe and Secure Learning Environment  

Wind-Chill Factor - Indoor Recess

  • File EBB-R Wind-Chill Factor - Indoor Recess

Accidents to Students and Staff

  • File EC-E Manitoba Schools Insurance Program Accident Incident Report

Incident Report - Employee

  • File ECA-E Incident Report - Confidential
ED Emergency Situations and Preparedness - Crisis Response Plan  
EE Emergency Closing/Evacuation of Schools  
EEA School Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions/Emergencies Nov. 2012

Vandalism, Break-Ins and Thefts

  • File EF-R Vandalism, Break-In and Theft Reports

Part 2: Property

Code (Link) Title Revised
EI Buildings/Grounds/Property Management  
EIA Buildings/Grounds/Property Security  
EIB Building Security - Warning System  

Buildings and Grounds Inspections

  • File EID-E1 Inspection Form
  • File EID-E2 Gymnasium Inspection Form
  • File EID-E3 Instructor Safety and Health Checklist for Industrial Arts Facilities
  • File EID-E4 General School Safety Inspection Form
  • File EID-E5 Playground Equipment Inspection Form
EIF The Control of PCB - Containing Equipment  

Fire Drills, Fire Alarms, Fire Escapres/Evacuations

  • File EIG-E Fire Drills - Fire Alarm and Evacuation - Monthly Log

Video Surveillance

  • File EIH-R Authorization for the Use of Video Surveillance

School Division Records Management

  • File EJA-R School Division Records Managemnt
  • File EJA-E Disposition of Records Log
EJB Acquisition, Maintenance and Control of Donated Materials and Equipment  

Energy Conservation

  • File EK-R Energy Conservation Program

Part 3: Transportation

Code (Link) Title Revised
EM Student Transportation Services - Management  
EN Traffic and Parking Controls  

Student Transportation Services

  • File EO-E Special Transportation Request
EOA School Bus Operating Regulations - General  

Bus Driver Overtime Exemption and Extra-Curricular Activities Travel

  • File EOB-E Bus Driver Overtime Exemption and Extra-Curricular Activities Travel
EOC Payment in Lieu of Transportation  
EOD School Bus Loading and Unloading  
EOE Regular Bus Routes - Boundary Limitation  
EOF Guidelines for the Transportation of Students Residing Within the City Limits  

Student Extra-Curricular Transportation

  • File EOG-E Extra-Curricular Transportation Record

School Bus Safety Program

  • File EP-R School Bus Ridership Training - Evacuation Drills
  • File EP-E School Bus Ridership - Evacuation Drill Report
EPA School Bus Maintenance  
EPB School Bus Idling Procedures  

Accidents or Emergencies Involving School Buses

  • File EPC-E School Bus Accident Report Form

Student Conduct on School Buses

  • File EPD-R Student Conduct on School Buses
  • File EPD-E Bus Conduct Report
EPE Transportation of Carry-On Items  

Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

  • File EQ-E Volunteer Driver Form
ER Business and Personnel Transportation Services  
ES Disposal of Used School Buses  

Code (Link) Title Revised
FA Facilities Development Goals  
FAA Facilities Development Prioritization Process  
FB Facilities Planning  
FBA Facilities Planning Advisors and Consultants  
FBB Enrollment Projections  
FC Facilities Maintenance Program  
FD Educational Specifications  
FDA Selection of Architect or Equivalent  
FDB Construction of Cost Estimates and Determinations  
FE Site Acquisition Procedure  
FEA Construction Contracts Bidding/Tenders and Awards  
FEB Supervision of Construction  
FEC Construction Project and Insurance Program  
FED Construction Project Records and Reports  
FF Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities  
FG Special Dedications and School Ceremonies  
FH Temporary School Facilities Rental  
FI Facilities Renovations  
FJ Facilities Acquisitions and Alterations  
FK Accessibility  


Part 1: General

Code (Link) Title Revised
GA Personnel Policy Goals  
GAA Personnel Policy Objectives  
GAB Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks  
GB Equal Opportunity Employment  
GBA Staff Dress Code  
GBB Staff Participation in Political Activities  
GBC Staff and Political Influences  
GBD Staff-Student Relations  

Staff Personal Difficulties Assistance

  • File GBE-R Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Misuse
GBF Staff Complaints and Grievances  
GBG Conflict of Interest - Employees  
GBH Employees Discipline - Designated Agents of the Board  

Job Sharing

  • File GBI-E Job Sharing Agreement
GBJ Workers Working Alone  

Medical Examinations

  • File GBK-E Medical Report

Blood Borne Infections

  • File GBL-R Precautions for Staff & Students Exposed to Blood/Body Fluid
GBM Personnel Records  
GBN Personal Belongings  

Pledge of Confidentiality

  • File GBO-E Pledge of Confidentiality
GBP Employee Service Recognition and Excellence Award  
GBQ Bereavement Condolences  

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing of Staff & Visitors

  • File GH-R Mandatory COVID-19 Testing of Staff & Visitors Guidelines and Procedures


Part 2: Professional Staff

Code (Link) Title Revised
GC Professional Staff Positions  
GCA Professional Staff Contracts  
GCC Professional Staff Compensation for Expenses  
GCD Professional Staff Compensation for Hours Above the Contract Time  

Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

  • File GCE-R Leaves and Absences
GCF Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays  

Transfer of Teaching Staff

  • File GCG-E Teacher Intention Information

Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring

  • File GD-R Hiring Teachers - Guidelines
GDH Selection Process for the Positions of  Principal/Vice-Principal/Supervisor  
GDI Professional Staff Probation  
GDJ Substitute Teacher Arrangement and Guidelines  
GDK Division Professional Development Committee  
GE Supervision for Professional Growth  
GEA Professional Staff Dismissal/Termination of Employment  
GEB Resignation of Professional Staff Members  
GEC Retirement of Professional Staff Members  
GEE Non-Division Employment by Professional Staff Members  
GEF Professional Research and Publishing  
GEG Exchange Teachers  


Part 3: Support Staff

Code (Link) Title Revised
GF Support Staff Positions  
GFA Support Staff Salary Schedules, Working Conditions, and Benefits  
GFB Support Staff Compensation for Expenses  
GFC Extra-Curricular Activities (Support Staff)  

Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring

  • File GG-R Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GGA Placement Procedures for Educational Assistants  
GGB Support Staff Probation  
GGC Support Staff Seniority  
GGD Support Staff Assignments and Transfers  

Supervision and Evaluation of Support Staff

  • File GGF-E1 Evaluation Report - Support Staff
  • File GGF-E2 Operations Department Evaluation - School Bus Driver
GGG Support Staff Termination of Employment  
GGH Resignation of Support Staff Members  
GGI Retirement of Support Staff Members  
GGK Non-Division Employment by Support Staff Members  

Code (Link) Title Revised
HA Negotiation Goals  
HB Negotiation Legal Status  
HC Guidelines for Collective Bargaining  
HD Privileges of Staff Negotiating Organizations  

Code (Link) Title Revised
IA Instructional Goals  
IB Academic Freedom  
IC School Year and Calendar  
ICA School Day  
ICB Adjusted School Day or School Year  
ID Divisional Organization of Instruction  
IE Basic Instructional Program  
IEA Nursery School  
IEB Kindergarten Programs  
IEC Scheduling for Instruction - Course Loads and Subject Area Time Allotments Grades 1 to 8  

Course Loads and Graduation Credit Requirements: Grades 9 to 12

  • File IED-E1 Senior Years English Program
  • File IED-E2 Senior Years Technology Program
  • File IED-E3 Senior Years French Immersion Program

Risk Management for Out-of-Class Physical Activity Grades 9 to 12 Physical Education/Health Education

  • File IEE-R Risk Management for Out-of-Class Physical Activity Grades 9 to 12 Physical Education/Health Education
  • File IEE-E1 Grade 11 & 12 Physical Education/Health Education Out-of-School Agreement
  • File IEE-E2 Grade 11 & 12 Physical Education/Health Education Out-of-School Agreement
  • File IEE-E3 Grade 11 & 12 Physical Education/Health Education Out-of-School Agreement
  • File IEE-E4 Grade 11 & 12 Physical Education/Health Education Out-of-School Agreement

French Language Programs


Challenging for Senior Years Course Credits

  • File IEG-E1 Parent/Guardian Approval Form Notice of Intent to Challenge for Credit
  • File IEG-E2 Challenge for Credit Option for a Course Credit Letter of Agreement Between the Student and the School

Credit for Community Service - A Student Initiated Project (SIP)

  • File IEH-E1 Credit for Community - SIP Approval Form
  • File IEH-E2 Community Service - SIP Approval Form

Substitution of Credits in Unusual Situations

  • File IEI-E Substitution of Credits
IF Curriculum Development and Implementation  

New Course Implementation (SIC and SIP)

  • File IFB-R1 School Initiated Course (SIC)
  • File IFB-R2 School Initiated Project (SIP)
  • File IFB-E1 School-Initiated Course Registration Form
  • File IFB-E2 Student Initiated Project - Application
  • File IFB-E3 Student Initiated Project Contract
  • File IFB-E4 School Initiated Project Registration Form
IFC Pilot Projects  

Programs for Students with Special Needs

  • File IFD-E Special Education Delivery Model
Feb. 2016
IFE Talented and Gifted Programs Nov. 2017
IFF Individual Education Plans Jun. 2013
IFG Home Schooling Instruction  
IFH Summer Schools  

Field Trips

  • File IFI-R Field Trips
  • File IFI-E Special and International Field Trip Request
Nov. 2017

Distance Education Courses

  • File IFJ-E Distance Education - Application for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees
IFL Course Fees for Pupils Who Have Completed a High School Diploma Plus Four Additional Approved Courses  
IFM Private Music Instruction  

Instrumental Music Program

  • File IFN-E Music Instrument Rental Agreement

Physical Education/Health Education

  • File IFO-R Physical Education
IG Book and Audio Visual Selection  

Internet Access/Acceptable Use of Electronic Technology

  • File IGA-E Acceptable Use Agreement
Feb. 2014
IGB Portage Educational Resource Centre (PERC)  

Community Resource Persons

  • File IGC-R Community Resource Persons - Sensitive Issues Guidelines
IGD Guidelines for Presenting Sensitive Issues to Students  

School Volunteers

  • File IGE-E School Volunteer Registration Form
IH Student Learning Assessment  
IHA Early Identification Feb. 2013
IHB Exams/Exemptions - Junior High School  
IHC Progress Reports to Students/Parents/Guardians  
IHD Student Placement - Promotion and Retention of Students  
IHE Alternative Learning Options - High School Oct. 2011
IHF English as an Additional Language (EAL) Mar. 2015

Religious Exercises

  • File II-E Guidelines

Service Animal

  • File IJ-R Service Animal Policy Regulations
Sep. 2021

Code (Link) Title Revised
JA School Policy Goals  

Student Attendance

  • File JB-R Student Attendance

School Attendance Areas (School of Choice)

  • File JBA-R School Attendance Areas
  • File JBA-E1 Map of School Catchment Areas
  • File JBA-E2 Transfer to a School of Choice
  • File JBA-E3 For Out-of-Division/District Transfer to a School of Choice
  • File JBA-E4 Non-Resident Fees - Application for Payment
JBB Compulsory Attendance Ages Oct. 2011
JBC Entrance Age  

School Admissions

  • File JBD-E Student Registration Form
Jan. 2021
JBE Registration Procedures for Students Placed by Social Agencies Feb. 2014
JBF Admission for Exchange Students  

Admission for Foreign (International) Students

  • File JBG-R Conditions and Requirements
  • File JBG-E1 Foreign (International) Student Enrollment Application Form
  • File JBG-E2 School Reference for Foreign Students Applying for Admission
  • File JBG-E3 School Reference for Foreign Students Applying for Admission
  • File JBG-E4 Declaration
JC Assignment fo Students to Classes  
JCA Student Absences and Excuses  
JCB Non Lunch at School  
JCC Truancy  

Student Attendance Accounting

  • File JCD-E Monthly Enrollment Report
JCE Maplewood  
JD Students Rights and Responsibilities  
JDA Student Involvement in Decision Making  
JDB Student Government (Councils)  
JDC Cell Phone/Paging Device/Electronic Communication Devices  
JDD Student Use of School Facilities  
JDE School Dances  
JDF Student Photographs  
JE Student Conduct  
JEA Zero Tolerance - Operational Definition  
JEB Student Discipline  
JEC Detention of Students  
JED Probation of Students  

Suspension of Students

File JEF-E Student Suspension Report

JEG Expulsion of Students  
JEH Violent, Aggressive, or Abusive Behaviour  


JEJ Gang-Related Insignia  

Weapons - Possession

  • File JEK-R Weapons - Posession
JEL Disruption of School Operations  

Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Use by Students

  • File JEM-R Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Use by Students
JEN Interrogations and Searches  
JEO Student Conduct at School Events - Off Campus  

Student Dress Code

FIle JEP-R Student Dress Code

Jun. 2015
JF Student Assistance Program  
JFA Student Insurance Program  
JFB Student Health Services and Requirements  
JFC Students with Chronic Medical Conditions  
JFD Students with Communicable Diseases Mar. 2017

Blood Borne Infections - AIDS/HIV

  • File JFF-R Precautions for Staff & Students Exposed to Blood/Bodily Fluid

Adminitration of Prescribed Medication and Medical Procedures

  • File JFG-E1 Authorization of Prescribed Medication and Medical Procedures
  • File JFG-E2 Individual Medication Record

Nutrition Policy

  • File JFH-R Nutrition Policy
  • File JFH-E Nutrition Policy - Guidelines Checklist

Students with Anaphylaxis

  • File JFI-R Anaphylaxis Avoidance Strategies

Child Abuse

File JFJ-R Child Abuse Protocol

JG Supervision of Students  
JGA Student Safety Patrols  
JH Student Volunteers for School and Public Service  

Student Records (Pupil Files)

  • File JI-R Student Records (Pupil Files)
  • File JI-E Authorization for Release of Confidential Information
JIA Transcripts of Record of Achievement  
JK Bereavement Condolences  


Code (Link) Title Revised
KA School - Community Relations Goals  
KAA School - Community Relations Objectives  
KB Public Information Program  
KBA Community Involvement in Decision Making  
KC News Releases  

Community Use of School Facilities

File KD-E Agreement Respecting the Use of School Facilities

Nov. 2019
KDA Emegency Use of School Facilities  
KDB Use of School Facilities by Division Personnel  

Use of School Facilities for Grief-Related Activities

  • File KDC-R Memorial Services for Schools
KDD Community Use of Folding Chairs  
KDE Public Conduct on School Property  
KDF Smoking on School Premises at Public Functions  
KDG Alcohol on School Premises - Public  
KE Public Solicitations in the Schools  
KEA Advertising in the Schools  
KEB Visitors/Unauthorized Persons in the School  

Public Complaints/Concerns

  • File KF-E Public Complaint Report

Public Complaints/Concerns About Learning/Instructional Resources/Materials

  • File KFA-E Instructional Material Complaint Form
KFB Public Complains/Concerns About Policies  
KG Distribution of Materials in the Schools  
KGA Relations with Parent Advisory Councils  
KGB Relations with Government Authorities  
KGC Relations with Social Service Agencies  
KGD Relations with Local City and Municipal Authorities  
KGE Relations with Political Entities  


Code (Link) Title Revised
LA Relations with Education Agencies  
LAA Relations with Education Agencies - Objectives  
LB Shared Services  
LC  Relations with Cultural Institutions  
LD Relations with Post-Secondary Institutions  
LE Student Teaching  
LF Relations with Provincial Education Agencies  
LG Professional Visitors and Observers  
LI Employee Group Representatives and Board Meetings  
LH Relations with MSBA