Trustee By-Election for Ward 3

The Portage la Prairie School Division is in search of someone to fill a School Trustee position in Ward 3 via a by-election.

Nomination begins August 7, 2024 and election day is September 18, 2024.

Individuals interested in standing for Trustee can find further details regarding ward boundaries, geographical location, requirements, and the process at this link.

Ward 3 Trustee By-Election Information


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Charting a Course for Financial Transparency: Portage la Prairie School Division Calls for Audit Service Proposals

 Portage la Prairie School Division Seeks Audit Service Partners

The Portage la Prairie School Division invites proposals to provide audit services for its operations, financial records, and year-end FRAME financial statements. The Division is committed to fostering financial integrity and adhering to regulatory requirements.

This opportunity spans five years, commencing on June 30, 2024, with the potential for a two-year extension. The scope of services includes conducting a fiscal year-end audit for the year ending June 30th, in compliance with the Public Schools Act Sections 41(9) through 41(14). This involves meticulously examining the Division's Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) schedule, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Moreover, prospective partners are expected to audit the Division's Schedule of Compensation in alignment with The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act. This dual-pronged approach emphasizes the Division's dedication to financial prudence and adherence to legislative guidelines.

The commitment to excellence extends to verifying the EIS Enrolment File for the school year ending on September 30th. This process aligns with the Public Schools Enrolment and Categorical Grants Reporting, ensuring accuracy and reliability in student enrollment data.

By actively seeking audit service proposals, the Portage la Prairie School Division is taking a proactive stance toward financial accountability and transparency, setting a commendable standard for educational institutions. Interested firms are encouraged to submit their proposals and be part of this transformative journey toward financial excellence.

Learn more here:


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