Tech Support Help Desk Use the help desk to create tickets for any tech inquiries or concerns.
Technology Orientation Handbook Reference manual for tech in PLPSD
PowerTeacher/Pro For teaching staff reporting attendance and completing report cards etc.
PowerSchool Admin For staff creating timetables, writing SSPs, registrations etc.
PLPSD Email portal new staff email account
Old Exchange Email Login to your old PLPSD Staff E-mail Account.

CIMS Employee Connect

Regular Staff

Human resources & payroll information for staff
Insignia PERC & School Libraries
Sora eLibrary Select Portage Collegiate Institute for the Division. Log-in is your Windows Computer Log in and Password.
GALE Virtual Reference Library Professional Resources for Teachers - You can login with your Google plpsd.net account or with your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Collective Agreements

MTS Collective Agreement (July 2, 2018 - June 30, 2022, COLA)
CUPE Collective Agreement (uploaded May 2022, COLA)

Written contract between a union and an employer.

Copyright Matters - Guidelines for Education

Fair Dealing Decision Tool

Copyright Information