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The 2024 BYTE Conference held at the Portage Collegiate Institute was a dynamic gathering of educators, clinicians, and thought leaders. The keynote message, delivered by the inspiring Jennifer Casa-Todd, resonated deeply with the audience.

Casa-Todd emphasized that generative artificial intelligence (AI) should be seen as a copilot, not an autopilot. This shift in perspective acknowledges that AI collaborates with us, enhancing our abilities rather than replacing them. As educators, we must embrace this partnership, leveraging AI to enhance teaching and learning experiences. 

Bias awareness was another critical theme. AI systems inherit biases from their creators and data sources. Educators need to be vigilant, questioning assumptions and ensuring equitable representation. By interrupting biased patterns, we can create more inclusive learning environments.

Casa-Todd highlighted AI’s ability to change languages, which is a boon for newcomers and cross-cultural communication. Imagine an AI-powered tool that instantly translates classroom discussions, making learning accessible for everyone.

However, Casa-Todd candidly acknowledged AI’s flaws. It’s not infallible; it reflects human imperfections. Educators and students must approach AI with a critical eye by evaluating and questioning its recommendations.

In our digital age, students are drawn to online communities, not necessarily devices. As educators, we must foster meaningful connections within our classrooms. TikTok, while entertaining, is not a reliable search engine! We need to guide students toward credible sources and challenge biases.

Choice matters. Coupled with AI, design thinking empowers students to explore, create, and solve real-world problems. And let’s not forget our global audience—our classrooms extend beyond physical walls these days.

For those seeking inspiration, Jennifer Casa-Todd is a must-follow on social media, especially for high school educators. And if you’re in the K-8 realm, check out Melissa Hayes. Let’s navigate this AI-infused educational landscape together and shift to positive!

Remember, as educators, we’re shaping the future—one BYTE at a time! 

Jennifer Casa-Todd’s website

By Jenny Borgfjord with support from Microsoft Co-Pilot

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